A few months back, the idea for this post struck me, but putting together a satisfying list of videogames with pets turned out to be trickier than expected. I’m not talking about games like Pokémon, Monster Hunter Stories, or Dragon Quest Monsters – I was hunting for games that fit specific criteria I had in mind. Games where you could raise your pet. So, here’s what I managed to dig up ranked by how much impact the pest system has in the game:

5. Sonic Adventure 1 + 2

These games sparked the idea for this post. Players can go through the entire game without touching the Chaos, but who can resist? The small creatures add an extra layer to these games’s experience.

Mixing Sonic with virtual pets might seem like a crazy idea, but the result just works. I genuinely hope to see the Chaos return one day. I can even stomach a mobile game!

4. Final Fantasy 7

Surprisingly, Final Fantasy makes it to this list due to a particular kind of pet you raise in the game – the Chocobo. They are completely optional but racing with them at the Gold Saucer can earn you great prizes.

And you can ride them on the overworld map for a faster travel speed. Also, breeding a Gold Chocobo allows you to access an area where the most powerful summon in the game can be obtained. You can still play the entire game without focusing on Chocobos, though!

3. Legend of Mana:

This game flew under my radar for a long time, even with a Nintendo Switch release. The Mana series stands out for its unique approach to world-building and exploration. However, the complexity it generates might not be for everyone.

Luckily, during your playthrough, you might find eggs that hatch into powerful companions. While you can play the entire game without a pet, having one makes things a bit easier.

2. Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance:

Believe it or not, this was my first Kingdom Hearts game, played solely because of this list! Unlike the previously mentioned games, the pets (Dream Eaters) in this title have an active role as your party members.

However, they can be treated as regular pets since you can feed them, pet them, and even play with them. Making them somewhat fit in for a list of games with pets!

1. Digimon World Next Order

To conclude, here’s the game that motivated me to complete this list. I got it as a late Christmas gift and in my opinion, it reigns as the king of virtual pets. Digimon you raise are crucial to progression, and neglecting them makes advancement challenging.

However, it can be tough for newcomers. But, as you grasp the game’s mechanics, you’ll become a certified Digimon Trainer in no time. Don’t be afraid of trying it out for yourself, and if you feel lost you can always find a guide online!


And that’s it! These are all the videogames with pets that I could find, play, and genuinely enjoy.

Originally intended to focus on games where pets played a minor role, I had to shift gears due to the scarcity of such titles.

Nevertheless, I hope you find this list useful and have a great time exploring these great videogames with pets.