I purchased the Razer Kishi last year with high hopes of using it extensively for remote Xbox gaming and playing Xbox Cloud games. My initial impressions were lukewarm, as everything about it felt a bit cheap and uncomfortable. However, with the release of Starfield I decided to give it another try, and my opinion has taken a U-turn. Before I dive deeper, I must stress that I predominantly use it for remote Xbox Series S/X remote play and Xbox Cloud Gaming sporadically. So, without further a due here’s my Razer Kishi Review in 2023.

Exceptional Connection and Smooth Gameplay:

Firstly,  I’d like to highlight the smoothness and responsiveness when remote playing on my Xbox Series S.

Since I’m connected to the same Wi-Fi network there’s no latency that I can feel. It does, however, lower the quality if there’s some instability which has happened a couple of times but my Wi-Fi provider is the one at fault here.

Playing on the Xbox Cloud is usually smooth as well when I’m not stuck in a 10-minute queue. But still, I much rather install the games and play them remotely.

Razer Kishi Review in 2023

Evolving Comfort and Enjoyment:

As I said, I wasn’t sold on this controller from the get-go but, over time, my comfort level with the Razer Kishi has greatly improved, transforming my gaming experience into something much more enjoyable.

Although I still have some issues with the analog sticks, some thoughtful tweaking of in-game settings has resolved most of my concerns. Now I can finally aim and turn properly!

Responsive Buttons with Minor Quirks:

While the buttons exhibit impressive responsiveness, they do have a drawback. They tend to be a bit hard to press for my liking, which might not suit everyone’s preferences. Additionally, a personal pet peeve of mine is the clicky sound produced by the home and select buttons.

On a positive note, the triggers provide a tactile and responsive feel, making it perfect to play games Starfield or Destiny 2.

Razer Kishi Review in 2023

Compact and Portable Design:

The Razer Kishi’s folding design is a game-changer when I need to take it on the go.

It saves a significant amount of space in my backpack, making it convenient for both travel and at-home gaming.

However, my clumsy hands can’t always fold it properly. Sometimes it’s really simple and other times I just give up and leave it unfolded.

Battery Efficiency Surprises:

One concern I had was the potential battery drain on my iPhone, given that the Razer Kishi relies on my device’s power. However, my worries were unfounded.

Even after an hour of gaming, I barely noticed a dent in my iPhone 13’s battery life, surprising me with its efficiency.

Furthermore, if I do see my battery life being too drained, the controller features an external Lightning port which can be used for pass-through charging.

Razer Kishi Review in 2023

Weight and Feel:

Initially, I felt that the Razer Kishi’s lightweight design made it seem cheap. It almost felt like I wasn’t holding anything. This reminded me of a similar experience with the Split Pad Pro for the Nintendo Switch.

However, when connected to my iPhone, the weight feels just right, enhancing the overall gaming experience and making it hard to put down. Everything just feels right.

Addictive Gameplay, Minor Screen Size Gripes:

Playing Starfield on the Razer Kishi has become addictive, offering an exceptional handheld experience that I adore so much.

However, just like Starfield, most of the games available on Xbox aren’t designed to be played on a small screen.

So, the screen size has been a downside sometimes, requiring me to squint for those intricate details. Fortunately, reading menus and dialogue remains a breeze.

Razer Kishi Review in 2023


The Razer Kishi has grown on me over the last weeks, evolving from initial skepticism to an indispensable tool for remote Xbox gaming.

It offers a consistent connection, a comfortable gaming experience, and efficient battery usage.

While the button feel and clicky sound might not be to everyone’s liking, the Razer Kishi’s responsiveness, portable design comfortable grip make it a worthwhile investment.

If you’re a fan of remote Xbox gaming, this controller is definitely worth considering for your gaming arsenal!

I really hope that this Razer Kishi review in 2023 has helped decide whether you should buy it or not. If you do purchase it make sure you get a good discount, even though I really like I wouldn’t be paying full price!

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