Unboxing: Animal Crossing Amiibo

Animal Crossing K.K Amiibo

Today I went to a local store to kill some time and I ended up buying something that I never thought I would ever buy. An Animal Crossing Amiibo. I never got into the Amiibo craze, having only two Amiibos besides this one. And, they were gifts, so, I’d never bought one until today. One other thing that is important to know is that I’ve never played Animal Crossing before, at least not more than a few minutes. I have Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS but I never gave it too much attention. I only got it because I knew how popular it was and wanted to give it a try. So, if I’m not crazy about Amiibos and if I don’t play the game, why did I buy it? Was this a mistake?

Recently I’ve discovered a new hobby, taking pictures for Instagram. It is way too much fun! In the light of this, I wanted to buy a new figure to take some photos and Amiibos are cheaper than most figures. The store I went to had mostly Animal Crossing Amiibos and they all cost 4,99€. After looking at all of them I really liked the dog playing the guitar. Since I play the guitar as well he seemed to be the be the obvious choice. So, I picked it up and went to the register and I got a very pleasant surprise. All the Amiibos were cheap, but this one? It was even cheaper! It only cost 1,99€! The lady at the register told me that they  had boxes and boxes of Animal Crossing Amiibos and they were dying to get rid of them, hence the low price.

When I got home with it I was dying to know what It would do in-game. But before that, I had to take some pictures!


K.K Amiibo Box
K.K Amiibo Box 2
K.K Amiibo Front
K.K Amiibo Side
K.K Amiibo Back
K.K Amiibo Up

Only after did I turned the game on. And after I did I had no idea how to use the Amiibo functionality. It took me a while and I finally found out how to do it and the result was a bit disappointing. A thing called Wisp comes out of a lamp, transforms into my Amiibo and then it disappears. I don’t know what happened… 

Animal Crossing New Leaf Wisp

But despite this, the Amiibo is very well done and I’m very glad I got it, this was definitely not a mistake. I’m sure I’ll take some great pictures of it in the future! Maybe now I will give Animal Crossing: New Leaf a try!
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