Impulsive Buying – To buy or not to buy?

Sometimes I like to watch unboxing videos on Youtube. If I like the item or items being unboxed I’ll keep watching more and more videos of them. Eventually I’ll reach a point where just watching videos isn’t enough. I need to get those items. It doesn’t matter if I actually need them or not, at that moment I just want them.

Lately, I’ve been watching people unbox a very spefic item, the GB Boy Colour. I know you must be wondering. ‘What the hell is a GB Boy Colour?‘. Well, it’s a knock-off of the the original GameBoy. But why do I want it, you ask yourself? Because it plays all the GameBoy cartridges and the screen is actually backlit! Seeing that backlit screen brings shivers to my spine! I just need it! But do I really need it though?

It has been a while since I last played any kind of GameBoy or GameBoy Color game, and if I wanted to play a specific one I could very well play it on the GameBoy Advance SP since the screen is backlit too. However, that thing is so uncomfortable for my hands. As a kid I had no problems with it since my hands were small. But now I can’t get a firm grip on it. However this is not an excuse!

I refuse to let my impulses win this time. It does not matter that they even have available a yellow unit just like my first GameBoy Color! So what if the screen is backlited and the start and select buttons are better because they are made of plastic and not rubber? There is no way I will get this!

Ah ****.

To be fair, I was either getting this or a WonderSwan, since I’ve been watching tons of videos on it. This handheld was only released in Japan so getting games for it would be a bummer. Also the screen is not backlit, which is a huge a turn-off.

Now if you excuse me I’ll go make a list of GameBoy games that I have to purchase. I will leave you with this review of the GB Boy Colour.

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