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Let the Mayflash F300 Arcade Stick Modding finally begin! I say finally because I bought this in October of last year with the intent of modding it but haven’t done anything to it yet! But why have I been holding this off? 

Basically, I couldn’t settle on the artwork and because of that, I couldn’t choose the color of the buttons or the joystick. But, earlier this week I got a great idea and with the help of my girlfriend, I’ve finally settled on a great design for my arcade stick. While I won’t be showing the artwork itself I will show the buttons and explain where I bought them and how I placed them on the Mayflash F300.

For the Mayflash F300, I bought 30mm Sanwa buttons from Arcade World UK. Although I don’t understand much about the world of arcade sticks the Sanwa brand seems to be very trustworthy and produce high-quality products.

To install the buttons I first had to unscrew the base of the stick, obviously. After opening it I was met with a mess of wires and looked at them for a couple minutes to see what I could pull and what I shouldn’t touch.


Luckily, the process for replacing the buttons was quite easy, despite all the wires I only had to pull the wires attached to each button and then place them on the new buttons. Most were easily pulled but some of them require a bit more strength if you do did I recommend using some pliers. Also, pull the metal piece and not the wire itself!


The buttons took me about 5-10 minutes to place and then I replaced the ball top of the joystick, which was very simple. I just unscrewed it and everything disassembled then I place the new ball top and assembled everything into place. Quick note, from my research I’ve found that most joystick tops are universal in size but if want to know which one I used, it was this one .

I really like the end result but it’s still far from being complete since I have a new restrictor for the joystick on its way and I also need to print the artwork that I have in store!

For now, that’s all but I promise that I’ll be back with a part two for the Mayflash F300 Arcade Stick Modding!


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Gamer By Mistake


  • JusticeBlog

    February 16, 2020 at 11:13 am

    I just bought one myself, looking forward to modding it. The last stick I had was a lot harder to mod.

  • Gamer By Mistake

    February 16, 2020 at 11:15 am

    That's awesome! But honestly, when you can buy the F500!


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