Tetris 99 – A Battle Royale game?


Tetris 99

Last night’s Nintendo Direct showed us some promising games but some of them were clearly a cut above the rest like the remake of Link’s Awakening, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Astral Chain and of course Tetris 99.

Tetris 99 mixes your classic Tetris gameplay that we all know and love with the famous Battle Royale genre that games like Fortnite helped popularized. But how does this even work to begin with?

Tetris 99 - Title Screen

When you enter a game you’ll have another 98 people playing simultaneously and every time someone clears their blocks they send their junk to someone else. You can either select an individual person using the left stick or group using the right stick.

Once someone sends you their junk you’ll see a tower of blocks building on the left side that will soon be added to your screen. For example, if you see three rows that means that three rows of blocks will appear, however, if you clear three rows of your own blocks beforehand the tower of the left will disappear and you’ll be safe.

Tetris 99 - Blocks

As you might guess this results in very frenetic and stressful gameplay but it gets worse since as more and more players get defeated the speed of the game increases! I managed to get 3rd place on a match and I could barely decide where to place my blocks!

Frustrating as it may be sometimes, this is a very fun game and since it’s free I definitely recommend it to anyone. The only downfall of Tetris 99 is that it only has one game mode and it’s online only. It would be great to see more modes added to it in the future like 2v2 or even just classic Tetris!

On a last note, I really hope that Tetris 99 is the first of many free games to be added on the Nintendo Online Subscription! 

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