Best F2P games on Nintendo Switch

Best F2P games on Nintendo Switch

If you just bought yourself a Nintendo Switch that means you probably don’t own that many games yet. But, you’re in luck since the Nintendo Switch is now home to a variety of Free-to-Play games and today I’ll be writing about the very best.

So, here are the best F2P games on Nintendo Switch!


Fortnite was the most popular game of 2018 and, as such, it has found its way onto every gaming platform imaginable including the Nintendo Switch and since it’s release it reached the top of the most played games in Europe on this very console!

 Although I don’t play it anymore I found my time with it enjoyable and recommend it to anyone who hasn’t tasted the Battle-Royale genre yet. Also if you’re new to this, prepare to die a lot and don’t expect to win your very first match!


Since we’re talking about Battle-Royale games it’s fair to talk about the best one, Tetris 99. That’s right, the most popular puzzle game in the world has a battle royale game and it’s fun, addicting, and frustrating at the same time. This is easily one of my top 10 games of 2019 and we’re only in March.

Quick disclaimer, the game is free to download but you do need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.


If Puzzle and Battle-Royale games aren’t your thing maybe Hero-Shooters are. Even though we don’t have Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch yet we do have Paladins! 
This game came out last Summer and since I didn’t have much to do I bought the Battle Pass along with my brother and we’d play Paladins for hours and hours, the gameplay is so frenetic and fun! 

Just be mindful that this a team game which means there a ton of toxic people that blame everyone else but themselves when something goes wrong!


There are two MOBA games on the Nintendo Switch and one of them is clearly more refined and offers a much better experience overall, and that’s Smite. I played it for the first time about four years agora on PC and had a blast with it, and guess what? Four years later and the game continues to be as entertaining. 

I just haven’t delved much into it yet because there are a ton of new Gods to play, and new items and mechanics that I know nothing of. There’s definitely a learning curve to this kind of game but you’ll have fun with it nonetheless, just beware of toxic players and high levels of salt.


Say it with me, Warframe is the best Free-to-Play game ever. Just like Smite my experience with Warframe started on PC and I played it first for the first time on my new laptop from 5 years ago. I was blown away by the amount of effort it was put into this game. The graphics, the content, the music, the community, and the monetizing system were all in sync. 

I continued to play this game over the years on and off but I stopped eventually because my laptop was getting old and couldn’t handle games like Warframe anymore so when I heard it was coming for the Nintendo Switch I was so happy! And got even happier when they announced we’d be able to transfer our PC accounts to the Switch

The game has now more content than ever before and it’s a great time to join in the fun. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you like awesome MMO-Shooters with space ninjas?


I was actually done writing when I remembered that Brawlhalla was on the Nintendo Switch. It’s a fun game and just like the previous ones I used to play it on PC. Some people might say that it’s just a Smash Clone but I think it has many unique aspects and mechanics that make it stand out on its own. I bet I could pick up this game right now and still have a blast. Also, one of my most fun moments in gaming was with Brawlhalla and its BrawlBall Mode. Grab a couple of friends to play it and it’s fun guaranteed.


I left this game for the end because it’s my true definition of guilty pleasure and I needed to share it. Any game on this list is far superior to Onigiri and you should play them instead. Believe me when I say that this game feels very janky to play. 

So, why is it even on this list? Well, since I was 14 I had a thing for Free-to-Play games and I spent a lot of time playing them, especially the ones published by Aeria Games. Onigiri reminds me of those games and every time I play it I feel so nostalgic! If it wasn’t for this I wouldn’t get my hands near Onigiri. So, now you know, download it at your own risk!


And that’s my list of the best F2P games on the Nintendo Switch! There are a ton more Free-to-Play games on the Eshop but I feel that most of them aren’t worth your time as much as these ones. Well, except Onigiri, you don’t need it in your life, trust me (I actually like it a bit, but don’t tell anyone).

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