Bugs Must Die Demo Review

Bugs Must Die Demo Review
Last December I was contacted by dgGamesWorkshop to take a look at the demo of their upcoming game Bugs Must Die. I was going to write about it but December was a busy month and couldn’t find the time to write a decent review. But now, I have plenty of time and since the game comes out in just a week I think it’s the right time to write a Bugs Must Die Demo Review!


Bugs Must Die is a fast-paced top-down shooter where you’ll fight bugs and big bosses by controlling heavy armored vehicles or agile space agents. On Planet M-79 the Mantis are planning on invading the Earth and it’s your task as an agent of The Galactic Pest Control Company to stop them!


As I said before you play in an Armored Vehicle meaning you’ll have various weapons at your disposal to get rid of those nasty bugs. Your main weapon is a Machine Gun that deals a moderate amount of damage but has infinite bullets however you’ll find other weapons that fall in the Primary Weapon category like the Gatling Gun which is way more powerful but has finite ammo. There’s also a way of increasing your Primary Weapon damage output by picking up a Power-Up item.

There are as well a variety of Sub Weapons that cause massive AOE damage but are limited in number, so be sure to use them carefully! Another way of dealing an even bigger amount of AOE is calling in Air Support, with the press of a button everything on the screen will be sure to explode!

However, sometimes you’ll find yourself cornered on all sides and maybe the best course of action is to rely on your Melee Weapon like the Gear Storm that slashes everything around you! But don’t expect all weapons to work the same, some might just make you dash away or even turn you invincible for a short period of time!

As you can see Bugs Must Die has a lot of variety in terms of how you’ll approach each level and you’ll find even more after you explore the Shop and the Tech Tree available on the Mission Select screen. Oh, and let me remind you again that this is just a Demo!


Just like any other arcade shooter, Bugs Must die offers a frenetic and fast-paced experience with little room for error. Get hit three times and you’ll have to flee your vehicle with an Escape Pod that can only take one hit, after that it’s game over.

I won’t be going into greater detail since this is just a Demo and anyone can download it from the Steam Shop. Bugs Must Die releases on March 29th, 2019, and I think that anyone that loves arcade shooters like Binding of Isaac, Nuclear Throne or even Hero Siege will enjoy this game a lot!

Well, this was my Bugs Must Die Demo review and I hope it has a successful launch and finds its way onto the Nintendo Switch someday!

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