My Top 5 Nintendo 3DS Games

Each day the Nintendo 3DS comes closer to its end so I think it would appropriate to finally make my Top 5 Nintendo 3DS games


I’ve played dozens of games on this handheld and choosing the ones on this list and ordering them wasn’t easy. Still, I managed to create a satisfying list that in a way shows my tastes well. 
Also, it’s only comprised of games I’ve played and it reflects how much fun I had with them!


But enough talk, without further delay here’s my Top 5 Nintendo 3DS Games!


This game came out when my hype for Metroid was at its peak! I had just discovered the series, played through the first two games and was patiently waiting for the SNES Classic to be released so I could get my hand on Super Metroid.
However, something stood between me and Samus Returns, another game on this list that released at a similar so I ended up choosing the latter. 
I only got to play it a couple of months later but I loved it nonetheless just like its predecessors.
It’s a 2D Platformer that rewards the player for exploring every nook and cranny of the map, however, this time we’ve got a couple of tools to make things not easier but less frustrating!
I urge you to play Metroid: Samus Returns even if you’ve never played a Metroid game before! Be ready to hunt a ton of Metroids, explore a world full of creatures out to get you, and fight through tough bosses!


By far, Dragon Ball Fusions is the most innovative game I played on the Nintendo 3DS.
It mixes the Dragon Ball Universe with RPG elements and a battle system different from anything you’ve seen up to that point. But the real seller here is the fact that you can fuse any character!

This mechanic is so much fun and addicting! I lost count of how many hours I spent just fusing my Avatar with every Dragon Ball character until I found the perfect combination. I ended up fusing it Super Saiyan 4 Goku and it looked so awesome!


You can create an original character from five different races. The Humans, the Saiyans, the Namekians, the Aliens and the Offworlders. Each one is unique in their own way and the best thing is that you are not stuck with a certain race forever. 
By collecting the Dragon Balls you can change your race anytime you want to!
What are you waiting for then? If you love Dragon Ball you’ll love this game as well without a single doubt!


My first Nintendo 3DS game was Pokémon X but I didn’t own a 3DS back then, I had to play on my brother’s. However, when I finally got one the first game I bought was Super Smash Bros. 4!
At first, I didn’t know what to make of it, I liked it but the controllers felt a bit weird. Then, I saw the Smash Documentary and that flourished in me a passion for Smash in general.
I would play this game anytime I could and eventually went to a couple of tournaments which were so much fun!
However, I stopped playing it after Nintendo stopped supporting it and haven’t touched it ever since but, the amount of dedication and hours I put into this game are enough for it to deserve the Top 3 spot on my list.
Also, please Nintendo, bring For Glory back for Smash Ultimate!


Pokémon is probably the franchise I’ve put the most hours on and I’ve been playing it since Pokémon Blue so it would be no surprise that a Pokémon game would end up on this list somehow.
I chose to include both Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Ultra Sun on the same spot because they are almost the same game but I’ll argue that the sequel is better in terms of content.
However, I might prefer the story of Pokémon Sun, since I liked its conclusion more. Seeing Lily grow as a character throughout the game and then seeing her leave with her mother was very touching!
Also, it was this game that introduced me to VGC and thanks to it I spent countless hours breeding, building teams, and battling online. I can’t wait for the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield to have some exciting battles!


Remember when I said that I didn’t buy Metroid: Samus Returns because of another game? Well, that game was none other than Monter Hunter Stories. It’s not just my favorite Nintendo 3DS game but the best one in my opinion.
The game is so gorgeous that sometimes I had to stop and remember myself that I was playing a 3DS game!
Imagine mixing a Monster Hunter game with Pokémon, the result should probably not work, but it does!
In this game, you can not only hunt monsters but collect monster eggs, hatch them and have them join you in battle. And even better, you can ride them while exploring!

The story is also great and will keep your interest throughout your entire gameplay and then when you think you’ve done everything you can try your skills in online battles! Build the best Monsties and see how they fare against other players!

Please, if you own a Nintendo 3DS play this game, it has a Demo available on the Eshop, you won’t regret it!


That’s my Top 5 Nintendo 3DS games! As you can see I tend to prefer the RPG genre and even if I did a Top 10 list it would probably be filled with more games like these!

But still, this is just my opinion based on how much fun I had with all my Nintendo 3DS games. I’m sure there are a ton of other great games for this system that I haven’t played yet so share your lists below!

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