Games to play while you’re stuck at home!

Games to play while you're stuck at home!

If you’re like me you’re stuck at home and found yourself with more free time than what you are used to. And what better way to spend that time than with some great Nintendo Switch games? Whether you choose to tackle your backlog or go for some brand new games is up to you! But either way, I’d like to leave some of my suggestions. So, here are 5 games to play while you’re stuck at home!


The first games on this list will be two that I can’t put down no matter what, one of them is Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX. When I first played the demo it didn’t convince me enough but I still wanted to give it a chance and I’m glad that I did! If you’re into dungeon crawlers you can’t miss this one. It has dozens of randomized dungeons to explore, over 400 Pókemon to recruit and a charming story. I currently have a bit over 60 hours of gameplay and there is still so much more to do!


The Animal Crossing madness has entered my household and I’ve been fighting with my girlfriend over who gets to play on the Switch! But what’s so great about this game you ask? Well, it’s difficult to put it in a way that sounds exciting… You get a whole island that you can manage and shape in any way you want. You can fish, catch bugs, craft items, decorate your house and many other relaxing things. But the best part is living your life day by day peacefully and get excited to see what the next day will bring.


If you have a job you know how hard it is to get into an RPG since they usually require a great amount of your time. But now you can finally leisurely enjoy, if you haven’t already, my favorite RPG on the Nintendo Switch so far Xenoblade Chronicles 2. What really separates this game from others of the same genre is its unique combat system. Not everyone likes it but I love it! Fights are very dynamic and never stale and pulling out combos to deal massive damage is way too satisfying. But it’s not just the combat that’s unique, it’s setting is as well. In this game, there is no land so, people have built their cities on top of these massive titans! Each one is distinct and the story will just blow your mind like it did mine! Pick it up now and get ready for Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition!


While stuck at home it’s important to not just sit on the couch all day, you need to move your body! The better choice for this is probably Ring Fit Adventure or Fitness Boxing but I’d like to suggest ARMS instead. It’s true that it’s not a very physically demanding game but guess what? ARMS is free to try tight now until the end of the week and it’s a blast! I don’t own arms yet but I’m having so much fun with the free trial that I might just get it! And I’m actually breaking a sweat playing it!


Not being able to go outside can be infuriating at times so, why not pick up Zelda: Breath of the Wild and explore its landscapes? Although I’ve played through the main story and explored a lot there is still so much more to see and do! From collecting all the korok seeds to beating every shrine or even tackling the Master Mode from the DLC! And this just made me realize that I haven’t purchased the DLC yet… Maybe I should do something about that and so should you! Might as well complete everything now before the release of Breath of the Wild 2, which will most likely be released later this year!


And there you go, these were my 5 Nintendo Switch games to play while you’re stuck at home! While this pandemic continues I’ll try to post some more suggestions so stay tuned!
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