Is the Split Pad Pro worth it?

When I play the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode for long periods of time my hands start to cramp a lot and that’s because of its bad ergonomic design, it looks great but it feels terrible on the hands. To try and fix this issue I first bought a silicone cover with some soft grips. While it provided more comfort it still wasn’t suited for my hands, so I started looking for other options and soon enough I decided on purchasing the Split Pad Pro by Hori. I’ve had it for a bit over a week and now I’m finally able to answer the question ‘Is the Split Pad Pro Worth it?’.
So, first of all, what is a Split Pad Pro? It’s basically a pair of controllers that attach to your Nintendo Switch much like the Joycons although they are missing some of the key features of a regular one such as the Gyroscope, Motion IR Camera, Accelerometer, Player LED, HD Rumble, Home Button Notification LED and NFC. Also, you can only use this in handheld mode and they have to be attached to your Nintendo Switch to work since they need the console’s power to function.
Is the Split Pad Pro worth it?
Out of all of these missing features, the one I was worried the most was the last one because the Switch doesn’t have a very long battery life outside of the dock and with a controller draining that battery even further it means that I would get even less playtime! Despite this, I can honestly say that I haven’t noticed this issue yet and I’ve been playing with the Split Pad Pro a lot, trust me.
However, this controller has a couple of things that really convinced me like a simple Turbo Button which is a blessing for people like me whose thumb hurt while mashing a button repeatedly. Also, in the back of each controller, you’ll find a button that you can assign any other button to! And, on the left controller, you’ll find an actual D-Pad and it feels great for those 2D Platformers! Lastly. they are way bigger than a regular Joycon and they fit on my hands perfectly which in turn provides me with a cramp-free playtime!
Is the Split Pad Pro worth it?
I’ve liked the Split Pad Pro so much that I’ve only detached them once, and it was to take some photos for this post! Also, it’s important to mention how light it is. Usually, I don’t like this because it makes a controller feel cheap but if it were any heavier, my hands would start to cramp after a while!
So, is the Split Pad Pro worth it? I’d say yes! Although it’s a shame that it’s missing some of the unique features that people are used to in a Joycon, the Turbo Button, the Extra Buttons, the D-Pad and the overall comfortability while holding it makes up for them. I really hope I’ve helped with your indecision and if you have any questions just ask below!
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