Overall improvements and most visited pages!

Overall improvements and most visited pages!

Hi there! I just want to quickly talk about some improvements I’ve done to the blog, but before that, I’d like to say that I’m thrilled with the growth of this small personal blog over these 3 years! When I first started, I didn’t really expect the number of visitors I have today and, with this in mind I decided to change and update the About Me page with more personal information so I’d be happy if you’d check it out!

Also, my life personal life is more stable than it has ever been and I want to spend more time developing this blog so, I decided to create a Partnership page where anyone can send me an e-mail ( with an idea for a collaboration! Or just send me a suggestion for an article that you’d like to read.  I’ll accept anything that fits my tastes and my blog theme!

One other small but important improvement is the follow by e-mail button that you can find under the About Me page! I should’ve added this a long time ago, I usually use Twitter or Instagram to share my posts but now you can get them directly in your mail!

Now, there’s one last thing I’d like to share with you. I don’t look at my numbers that often and when I recently check them I was really surprised which were my top 10 most visited pages! 


 1 –  Dragon Marked for Death Flags Guide
 2 –  Is the GameSir VX AimSwitch worth it?
 3 –  Nintendo Card Giveaway
 4 –  Is the Poké Ball Plus worth it?
 5 –  Dragon Marked for Death leveling guide
 6 –  Playing Pokémon Black 2 in 2019?
 7 –  My Top 5 Nintendo 3DS games 
 8 –  How to replace the battery of a Pokémon Game
 9 –  How to get the event tickets in Pokémon Emerald 
10 – How do I farm items in Pokémon Go?

This really shows that people search guides a lot and luckily I enjoy writing them, however, it makes me really happy to see two of my reviews so well placed since those are usually trickier to write since I always give my honest opinion about the products and games I review.

Either way, I’ll keep writing about the things I’m most passionate for as long as I can and, you can expect more honest and original content from me! 

Thank you for reading!

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