Cozy games on Nintendo Switch

Sometimes I like to take a break from JRPGs, Fighters, and other complex games and just play something cozy to wind down a little. So, today I bring you 5 of my personal favorite cozy games available on the Nintendo Switch.

1 – Abzu

Being able to dive deep into a beautiful ocean and uncover its mysteries while listening to a fantastic soundtrack results in one of the coziest and most relaxing games I’ve ever played in my life. The only gripe I have with it is that it’s too short.


Still, I keep replaying it from time to time and sometimes I just stay at a particular level swimming around interacting with the fish.



2 – A Short Hike

Just as the name suggests A Short Hike, is a short hike. But a really good one! There’s an entire mountain to explore and you have all the time in the world to step into every nook and cranny of it while helping fellow hikers.


And, while doing so, you’ll unlock additional abilities that’ll make available areas that weren’t reachable before. The hike might be short but I’ll remember it for years.



3 – New Pokémon Snap

I never thought that I’d ever consider a Pokémon Snap a cozy game, but then New Pokémon Snap dropped and it can offer a very relaxing experience, especially when you’re playing a level at night.


The game is just stunning and I love taking my time looking around and seeing Pokemon interact with each other and the environment itself.



4 – Animal Crossing: New Horizons

It would be impossible to make a list like this and not include Animal Crossing. While I don’t play it as much as I did before it’s still a game that relaxes me every time I turn it on and start doing my daily chores.


And when I’m done with them, I’ll usually go and enjoy some house decorating with the DLC, which to my surprise is very enjoyable and relaxing as well!



5 – Stardew Valley 

Now, I can finally be honest with you, I’m just writing this list as an excuse to talk about Stardew Valley.


It’s been out for so long and I only picked it up recently and I’m regretting I didn’t buy it sooner. Managing a farm and my relationships with the town’s residents is so rewarding! I’m literally reaping what I sow and I’m loving every minute of it.



And here are 5 of my favorite Cozy games on the Nintendo Switch! Do you play any of these or do you have any suggestions for a game that fits the cozy adjective? If so, let me know!

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