Best Games like Pokemon on Steam Deck

I finally got my hands on a Steam Deck and, being a monster tamer games lover, I knew I needed to get some new games! While Pokémon may not be legally available on the platform, there are fantastic alternatives on Steam’s store that offer similar gameplay elements and creature companions. Here are the best games like Pokémon on Steam Deck to keep you entertained:



Discover TemTem, a visually stunning MMO that captures the essence of Pokémon while introducing unique mechanics. Engage in battles, run across beautiful fields, see an entertaining story unfold, and explore the Battle Frontier, a beloved feature rarely seen in core Pokémon games nowadays.


Although the game might feel grindy at times, as expected of an MMO, and includes microtransactions, it remains a fun choice for any Pokémon lover. For those interested solely in battling, don’t miss out on the free download of TemTem Showdown!


Digimon Cyber Sleuth:


Immerse yourself in captivating storytelling and turn-based battles in Digimon Cyber Sleuth, a game that offers two exciting adventures in one package. 


Collect and evolve a vast array of Digimon, providing a monster-raising experience that will surely please any Pokémon fan. However, be prepared for a dialogue-heavy game that might become a bit tedious at times, especially on the side-quests.


Monster Crown:


Dive into the dark themes and unique breeding mechanics of Monster Crown, an indie gem. With over a thousand distinct monsters to discover and breed through an intricate system, the game offers an endless variety of combinations. 


While it may have some bugs and unpolished aspects, the open-world environment and mature storyline make it a compelling choice for monster-catching enthusiasts.



For a refreshing experience with innovative changes to the classic formula, Coromon is a must-play. It retains beloved elements while introducing unique gameplay, creatures, and an engaging storyline. 
The game’s commitment to accessibility, including the option to speed up gameplay, makes it perfect for players with limited time like me!
Additionally, Coromon stands out as one of the few monster-catching games featuring online battles, allowing you to compete and have fun with friends!

Cassette Beasts:


Embrace a more mature tone and explore a world of well-designed monsters in Cassette Beasts.

With a fusion system offering thousands of combinations and an enchanting soundtrack, the game promises an unforgettable adventure for Pokémon fans seeking a unique experience. Dive into the captivating storyline and enjoy the game’s innovative mechanics that set it apart in the monster-catching genre. 
Honestly, sometimes I feel like I’m playing a Shin Megami Tensei game more than a Pokémon game, and that’s a plus in my book!


So, if you’re yearning for a Pokémon-like experience on your Steam Deck, these five games will surely keep you entertained and immersed in the world of creature companions and epic battles. Happy monster-catching!
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