Best PS Vita Multiplayer Games in 2023

Despite being released over ten years ago the PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) still offers some great games that can be enjoyed online with friends or random strangers. Among these games, there are a few standout titles that have captured my interest and have taken a ton of hours from my spare time and hopefully, you’ll find them endearing too. In this blog post, we’ll explore the best PS Vita multiplayer games in 2023, highlighting the positives and potential drawbacks of each. 

We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.

-William James


God Eater 2: Rage Burst

Good: God Eater 2 delivers an exhilarating multiplayer experience, allowing players to team up and take down colossal beasts in cooperative hunts, similar to Monster Hunter.



This is without a doubt the game I’ve played the most on my PS Vita and I’m putting it on top of the list because although it’s a great game, finding someone to play with might be difficult.



Still, the game has cross-play with the Playstation 4 so you don’t need to rely on Vita owners to have cooperative fun! But even if you’re playing alone I’d say the game is more than worth it for the gameplay loop and story.


Dragon's Crown

Dragon’s Crown is a visually captivating action RPG developed by Vanillaware and I can’t believe it passed by me for so long.


It offers stunning hand-drawn visuals, immersive multiplayer gameplay, varied character classes, loot customization, and challenging boss battles.


However, the multiplayer functionality is only unlocked after playing a chunk of the game, requiring some solo play before fully enjoying the cooperative experience. 


But, just like God Eater 2, you can play with PlayStation 4 players, and during my time with the game I always found someone to have some fun with late at night.



I was struggling to find one more game to add to this list and after finding out about Helldivers I knew I had to include it after a couple of rounds.


Helldivers is a top-down twin-stick shooter that thrives on cooperative multiplayer gameplay. The game’s unique feature is its dynamic difficulty system, which adjusts the challenge based on players’ performance.


Surprisingly I could always find fellow soldiers to team up with and face a variety of challenging missions, each requiring strategic coordination to smash some pesky bugs.


However, miscommunication among team members or differences in tactics could lead to frustration during tougher missions. Still, it’s a title worth checking out!


Need For Speed Most Wanted

I remember playing this game as a kid and I still can’t believe it’s one of the most active games on the PS Vita, only losing to Call of Duty.


Need For Speed Most Wanted on the PS Vita brings the thrill of high-speed racing to this great handheld console. And, the online multiplayer mode adds that extra layer of excitement, pitting you against real players in intense races and challenges.


The competitive aspect of racing against human opponents keeps the gameplay dynamic and offers a sense of accomplishment with each victory!  


I’m not the greatest when it comes to racing games but I’ve had a ton of fun relieving this game from my childhood with the bonus of multiplayer!


Call of Duty: Black Ops - Declassified

This game is the absolute king of multiplayer on the Playstation Vita without a shadow of a doubt. The online mode is so active that it feels like the game was released not that long ago.


As a portable Call of Duty experience, Black Ops – Declassified offers fast-paced action and intense multiplayer battles.


Engage in competitive matches against other players, utilizing familiar weapons and mechanics from the Call of Duty series. The game’s compact format allows you to experience the franchise’s signature gameplay on the go.


I’m aware that this title wasn’t viewed as great as the previous ones, but coming from someone who never played COD, I had an enjoyable experience despite dying over and over in Team Deathmatch.


Highly recommended for someone who wants to have some quick action gameplay in handheld mode.



In the end, each of these PS Vita games offers a unique multiplayer experience, ranging from cooperative hunts to competitive races and battles.


While the online component enhances the gameplay in various ways, factors such as player base size, connectivity, and personal preferences play a role in determining the overall enjoyment.


To make the most of these multiplayer features, it’s wise to consider the potential pros and cons outlined above, ensuring you have the best gaming experience possible.


Have you played any of these games before?

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