Playing Monster Hunter Generation Ultimate in 2023 and beyond: Is it Worth it?

Monster Hunter games have evolved significantly with the introduction of Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Rise. Both brought much-needed quality-of-life changes that are easy to take for granted when revisiting previous titles. At least, that’s how I expected to feel, but when playing Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate in 2023, I feel nothing but a profound appreciation for what is the pinnacle of old-school monster hunting on the go.

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My Personal Journey with MHGU

playing monster hunter generations ultimate in 2023

My first contact with MHGU began with the release of the Japanese version. I knew I had to play it, so I ended up importing it, and since I was learning Japanese at the time, it felt like a good way to practice!


I was certain that we’d never get a Western release, but when it finally happened, I was thrilled and determined to purchase it for the second time. And even though the release was still far away, I decided to pick up a copy of Monster Hunter Generations for the 3DS, knowing that I’d be able to transfer my progress later on.


Also, this time was very special to me since I decided to stream my hunts, and soon enough, I had a dedicated group of people that would hop on my stream just to help me get through that early content and farming everything I needed while advising me on what were the best Styles and Arts for my trusty Hunting Horn.

Gameplay Variety with Styles and Arts

playing monster hunter generations ultimate in 2023

And, while some might disagree, the introduction of Styles elevated the gameplay for me. Changing the Style or the equipped Arts will result in a very different hunt, making the game feel fresh and deeper.


Trying out different combinations and seeing what better suited my style was fun and even had fun with some that weren’t as optimal.


Some styles can indeed be obsolete in favor of a much stronger one for a given weapon, but still, it’s nice to have the option to try something else once you’re bored of always playing the same way.

Main Gameloop is Still Fun

playing monster hunter generations ultimate in 2023

As I mentioned previously, there were a ton of quality-of-life changes made in Monster Hunter World and Rise, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enjoy MHGU without them.


MHGU is a Monster Hunter game, and the core gameplay loop remains intact, addictive, and rewarding as it ever was. You go out there and fight monsters so you can fight even bigger monsters while the difficulty, frustration, and sense of accomplishment rise.


There’s always great appeal in knowing that when a hunt goes wrong, you can always change your strategy until something works. Every hunt is a lesson learned, making victories feel more satisfying.

Somewhat Active Online and Massive Content

playing monster hunter generations ultimate in 2023

All those successful hunts taste better with a group of friends or with online strangers. Luckily, there are still some people lingering online even 5 years in, who’ll help you get through the absurd amount of content this game has.


This is one of the most packed Monster Hunter games accessible to date, and tackling all of its content will take you hundreds of hours to complete even with a group of skilled hunters. So, if you’re looking for a game that just doesn’t stop giving until you’re done, this one is it.


In conclusion, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (MHGU) stands on its own, preserving the essence of classic monster hunting.  The game’s introduction of Styles and Arts injects a refreshing variety into the gameplay, ensuring an engaging experience.


Whether playing solo or joining the somewhat active online community, it promises rewarding gameplay, on par with the latest releases of the franchise.


With this said, I think it’s worth playing Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate in 2023 and beyond. And, with the recent announcement of Monster Hunter Wilds, now it’s the perfect time to look back.

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