Dragon Quest Monster: The Dark Prince Scouting Guide

Right now, I’m fully concentrated on completing my Monsterpedia. However, things weren’t as easy as I thought, since scouting higher-ranked monsters for synthesis was tough, even with a fully leveled 100% party. If that’s you, this Dragon Quest Monster: The Dark Prince scouting guide will be helpful!

True wisdom comes in the form of a Gem Slime

-Gamer By Mistake (inspirational I know)

Step 1: Beat the game

Dragon Quest Monster: The Dark Prince Scouting Guide

Some monsters only appear in certain seasons, and waiting for the right one can get tedious. Beating the game, or at least reaching the last boss, will ensure you have access to the Four Seasons Flute (located under a certain tree in the last area).

Step 2: Make a party of Gem Slimes

Dragon Quest Monster: The Dark Prince Scouting Guide

Wisdom is all you need

We know that Strength and Wisdom affect the scouting chances, so you’ll need to get your first Gem Slime since they have the highest Wisdom in the game, which might be tedious. You can easily obtain every monster, but scouting the Metal King Slime might be a drag.


Refer to this link for its location.


In the Cubic Quarry area, it can spawn a Liquid Slime sometimes, which is easier to scout. If you get two, you can synthesize them and make yourself a  Metal King Slime this way!


For the full Gem Sime synthesis tree follow this link!


Quick Note: When I synthesized my first Gem Slime I only had some trouble understanding this part:



When fusing Magmalice with Finn Fiend the result will be the same monsters, and the same goes for Coralossus and Stone Golem. Just choose whatever you want and synthesize both sons and you’ll get Balhib. Here what determines whether you get Balhib are not the parents but its grandparents.

Wisdom Boosters

While synthesizing your Gem Slime, it’s important to maximize its wisdom by giving it a Wisdom Booster IV, Wisdom Booster III, and Wisdom Booster II. You can get these by maxing Wisdom Booster I and synthesizing the monster with anything. Then, max out Wisdom Booster II and repeat the process until you end up with Wisdom Booster IV.

Setting up the party and Kaping

I have two of my slime with just these talents, but the third and fourth slime ditch Wisdom Booster II for Smarty-Pants which you can get easly from a Baleen Mage in Aamon’s Actum. The only relevant skill from this talent tree is Kaping, which boosts the Wisdom Stat further in battle, raising your odds stupendously.

Step 3: How it works in-Battle

Dragon Quest Monster: The Dark Prince Scouting Guide

There isn’t much you need to do in battle unless you’re dealing with S, X ranks, or duplicates. If you’re under these situations, do the following:

  1. First Gem Slime Attacks
  2. Second Gem Slime Defends
  3. Third Gem Slime Uses Kaping
  4. Fourth Gem Slime Uses Kaping
  5. Use meat (Optional)
  6. Scout
  7. Success!

Step 4: Mole Hole DLC (Optional)

I’m not a huge fan of purchasing DLC that was available day one, as it could have easily been available in the main game. But getting this DLC will make the process of getting a Gem Slime much easier, as you can straight up scout it once you synthesize it or scout the Metal King Slime and Babhil.


And that’s all you need! I really hope this Dragon Quest Monster: The Dark Prince Scouting Guide has helped you towards your goal of filling that Monsterpedia!

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