League of Legends: Risky Sodium Levels

League of Legends

I went to see my doctor and he told me my sodium levels were too high. It was time to quit League of Legends.

By now you were probably thinking that this was only a Nintendo 3DS blog, fooled you right? Today I’m going to share with you a game that I considered to be my biggest mistake so far. League of Legends. A game with over a hundred million users and I’m one of them. But not anymore (for now).

I started playing LoL back in 2012 with a friend of mine. The journey from level one to level thirty was by far the best time I had with the game, we were playing only for fun. It was a time where we did not care about the meta and went bot lane with Garen and Master Yi. After you reach level thirty you get the option of playing ranked and that was when things started to change.

When I started playing ranked I sucked, and I still do. But, I really liked the game and wanted to improve so I could climb the ladder. Back then I only played support in ranked but I did not like the role that much so I moved on to the jungle after watching Trick2g playing with Udyr. I started getting better and I finally got out of bronze and even managed to reach gold. That might not be much but I only played a couple of games each day so getting there took a long time. After this, I started playing less and less. But why?

Well, the game was different and not as fun anymore. That is because I stopped playing for fun, I was playing not to lose and to gain points. And on top of that, the amount of toxicity and negativity the people playing this game have is amazing. In every ranked game, there are always people that take this game too seriously and start bashing you for no reason. I saw myself leaving games mid through because I felt that I was just wasting time.

And that is what League of Legends has become to me, a waste of time. When you play a competitive game you need to have a clear goal, something that makes you want to be better. Right now I have no goals for this game. That is why I think that it’s time to give a break. I’m more focused on getting better at Pokemon right now, which is a very interesting game! There are no teammates to blame you if you screw up. And that is something I like.

What about you do you play League of Legends or played it at some point? And what other competitive games do you play? And have you checked your sodium levels recently? Comment down below and until next time!


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