Dropzone Review – Just Another Moba?

Dropzone Gameplay

It has been roughly one week since I decided to take a break from League of Legends. This has left a hole in me that could only be filled by another MOBA style game. I tried playing Atlas Reactor but it was not that exciting for me. I needed more action! Yesterday I found out that a new MOBA was going F2P, Dropzone. It seemed like a crossover between League of Legends and Starcraft, a mix between RTS and MOBA. Two styles that I enjoy a lot. So, I decided to give this one a try.


I’ve only played the tutorial and a few matches against bots. I am a noob at this game but I know the main mechanics of it and I would like to share my first impressions with you.

You might be wondering what’s this game about and how does it play? As I said before, this game is a MOBA with RTS elements or the other way around. Unlike LoL you take control of three characters at the same time. These characters are called Rigs and each has its own set of abilities that can be activated by pressing Q, W, E and R. They all fit into 4 different classes, the Mechanic (support), Tank (tank!), Gunner (dps) and Summoner (utility).

You control three of these Rigs in fifteen-minute matches. The main goal is to destroy nests and harvest cores from within them, afterward grab the cores and take them to the center of the map to score points for you. The team that has more points at the end of the match wins. You can also clear some other objectives in the map like capturing vision points and defeat huge bosses like Baron Nashor from LoL.

I’ve only played versus bots because I know that if I play against a real person I’ll get rekt. I still need to practice a lot before playing this competitively, since controlling three Rigs at the same time is a bit overwhelming at first. Not knowing the skills of each one is a bit problematic too but with time I’ll learn.


Overall I found this game challenging and fun and I’ll try to convince my friends to play it. This might be just what I needed to distract myself from League of Legends. I will keep playing and later I will share my online experience here! Until then I advise you to give this game a try if you like this sort of games. It is completely free!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my brief Dropzone Review!

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