Unboxing Loot Crate Primal – What took you so long?

Loot Crate Primal Items

Loot Crate came in late! And I’m also late to make this review… This is March’s Loot Crate and I only got it last week, I wanted to make a review straight away but I didn’t have the time to do so. March’s theme was Primal and it featured awesome goods from Overwatch, Jurassic Park, The Predator and the The X-Men. Out of all these franchises, the only one I don’t care much about is Overwatch so I decided to show its item first.


I don’t play Overwatch and I don’t know much about it but despite this, I really like the t-shirt. It features Winston, one of its playable characters. Nothing fits the theme primal more than a raging gorilla! The yellow lighting coming out of its eyes to form the words ‘Primal Rage’ is a very nice touch. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that I ordered an L size instead of an M. This shirt is too big for me to wear outside but it’s quite comfy to walk around the house!

Loot Crate Primal T-Shirt

Next we have this amazing sign from Jurassic Park. It’s such a shame that I have to live in an apartment! This sign would look so cool on a fence. Still, it’s a nice piece of decoration to have somewhere around the house. Since I don’t have a fence I decided to hang it on my kitchen wall. I can’t wait to invite some people over and see their reaction to it!

Loot Crate Primal Warning Sign

Can we talk about the Predator bottle opener though? Isn’t it the sickest bottle opener you’ve ever seen? When I saw this I suddenly got the urge to go to a supermarket and buy a bunch of bottles just to use it!

Loot Crate Primal Predator Bottle Opener

Now, my favorite item from this crate was without a doubt the X-Men figure from Metals Die Cast. The figure is none other than Logan, the Wolverine himself. I was so happy when I got it because I knew there were three versions of this figure and I ended up getting the one I wanted. This thing is so cool, and heavy! I got other figures from loot crate and this is without a doubt my favorite one so far

Loot Crate Primal Wolverine Figure

The regular crate usually has only four items, however, each one also has a pin. The design of this one is simple but it fits the theme quite nicely. Also, the box itself can be assembled into a fantastic T-Rex! Look at how majestic it looks!

Loot Crate Primal Pin

Loot Crate Primal Dinosaur Box

Overall I really liked the contents of this box, Loot Crate is yet to disappoint me. If you never subscribed to Loot Crate consider doing it! Money wise it is worth it, but only do it if you like the theme of the crate. Also, Loot Crate has many sales around the year, keep checking their site and do not miss the opportunity. But again, only if you like the theme! 

I can’t wait for this month’s crate, it should be here soon so stay tuned!

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