Unboxing: Loot Crate Guardians

Loot Crate Guardians
Loot Crate Guardians has arrived! And in May, as it should? This hasn’t happened in a long time! As great as this is though I am a bit disappointed with some of the crate’s content. This month’s theme was Guardians and it featured goodies from The Goonies, Destiny, Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol2. And as usual, let us start with my least favorite thing. 


Destiny Class Patches

From Destiny, we got these patches that represent each class in the game. I have nothing against the product itself since it seems to be very well made, however, I’ve never played Destiny. I’m sure that a fan would appreciate this much more than I do!


Although The Goonies are considered a classic I never gave much attention to it. Maybe because I wasn’t born in the 80’s. I remember watching it as a kid though, but as I said I didn’t pay much attention. However, I do remember the phrase on the t-shirt! And, just like the other t-shirts, this one is very comfortable as well. And I actually like the red color with the black letters on it. But my favorite part is definitely that Jolly Roger. I am sure to look menacing with this t-shirt!


Star Wars was the theme that I was most excited about and I got so disappointed! Last time Star Wars was featured in a crate I got an illustration book and this time I got a coloring book… The purpose of this coloring book is to relax however I hate painting. Every time I look at this book I get this flashes of me as a kid failing to color a single drawing decently and getting scold by my teachers. How can I relax with this? I am a Star Wars fan though. And only because of that I might try coloring a few things in this book, just for fun. The illustrations in it are really good and are worth a try.


Rocket and Groot Figure

Finally, something that I actually like! I love Guardians of the Galaxy and I am dying to see  Vol.2. This figure of Rocket and Groot is probably the best figure I’ve gotten out of  Loot Crate. I may even prefer it to the Jessica Jones figure of last month’s crate! Just look at it, it has so much personality! And although Rocket looks really cool you have to agree that little Groot steals the show.


This month’s box was a was a bit disappointing for me, although I appreciate the effort. You can shape the crate into a Ghost, which I have no idea what it is. Destiny fans will love it just like the patches. For someone that is not a fan, it does compensate the work you to put it together. And since my box came a bit rough up it ended up not looking as good as it should. The pin is amazing though! I recently finished watching Avatar so this is by far the thing I appreciate the most in this box. And the best part is that It glows in the dark! 

Avatar Pin

Avatar Pin Glowing in the Dark


Loot Crate can be a gamble, sometimes you get loot from things you like and appreciate and others you don’t. Although this month’s crate had good quality products I could only appreciate two of them. I am a bit disappointed but that does not mean that I regret getting it. I’m going to take a break from Loot Crate though. But the next month looks so tempting! Go to their site and if you like any of the franchises featured there consider giving it a try!

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