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Pokemon Direct

When I heard that there would be a Pokémon Direct I didn’t get my hopes up, I kept them as low as I could. The most I was expecting was a spin-off game for the Nintendo Switch and maybe a release of Pokémon Gold/Silver on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. But still, it was a long shot.

As much as I wanted not to get excited about this direct it was impossible though. They were about to announce a new game or games for my favorite franchise of all time! The whole day I was feeling restless and time was passing slowly… but finally, the awaited hour was here! It was time for the Pokemon Direct!


When it started I kept telling myself not to get too get excited or else you will be very disappointed. Then, they announce the very first Pokémon game for the Nintendo Switch! And it was Pokken Tournament DX... Disappointment struck me at this point. It is a good game but it is not the game most of the fans want. The game looks good though, you can play it on the go and it features more Pokemon to battle than the previous entry. Pokken fans must be very happy, too bad I’m not one of them.

Then, at the end of Pokken Tournament reveal they started showing images of Pokémon Sun/Moon, except that they were brand new images, what was this? A brand new Pokémon game for the Nintendo 3DS!? Pokémon UltraSun and Pokémon UltraMoon!? I’ll take that! This got me so excited! I was jumping and screaming before I knew it, hope my neighbors didn’t hear me… I really want them to explain more about the Ultra Beasts in this game, I mean, there is Ultra in the title they have too! The only downside to this is that I’ll have to wait until November 17th to play it!

And when I thought that this was the end of the Direct they gave me just what I wanted. Pokémon Gold/Silver for the Virtual Console. I’ve been waiting for over a year for this! I was hoping that they would release them at the end of the presentation but nope. Again they are making us wait… They will be released on September 22nd, the same as Pokken Tournament. I really wanted to write a review of these games but I think I’ll skip them for now and wait for their release on the Eshop. This way I’m sure to enjoy them more!

Overall this was a positive Pokémon Direct. Although Pokken was a bit lackluster the other two entries make up for it. Now it is time to play the waiting game and hope that UltraSun and UltraMoon will be equal or better than their predecessors.

Happy gaming! 
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