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The demo of Monster Hunter Stories is the best demo on the entire Nintendo 3DS Eshop. But why? And what the heck is Monster Hunter Stories? Let’s start by finding out what this game is all about.


Imagine your standard Monster Hunter game where you take on missions, explore, gather supplies and hunt monsters. Now mix this with a game like Pokémon. The result will be none other than Monster Hunter Stories. A game where you not only you hunt monster but collect monster eggs, hatch them and have them join you in battle. And even better, you can ride them while exploring!


First off all the game is beautiful. To truly separate this game from the rest of the franchise they gave it a lighter tone, opting for an anime style and kid-friendly graphics, much like in Pokémon

Second of all this demo is huge, there are so many things that you can do and places to explore! And you can even try and get all the monsties available in the demo. There are only five (at least I’ve only found five) but they are really fun to collect! It took me more than 5 hours to complete the entire demo and there are still things to be done. I just stopped playing it because I don’t want to be over-leveled when the game releases. 

And this reminds of one more reason of why this demo is so great. You actually play the first part of the game’s story and when you have the full game you can transfer your save file from the demo! Hence why I don’t want to get too strong in it. I don’t want the rest of the game to be too easy!


Haven’t I convinced you enough to go give this one a try? Go download the demo and try it for yourself! The story is interesting enough to keep your attention and the gameplay will hook you in, believe me. Also, the game releases this Friday so get this chance to get ahead!

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