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So, I’ve been playing Metroid a lot these past days and I wanted to review the first game as soon as I was done with it. However, I was facing a big problem. Since I was playing Metroid on the NES Mini I didn’t have any game cartridge to take a photo and put it on my blog! I went online to see if I could find any copies of the game but they were too expensive… and to top that I didn’t have an NES. So I  to spend a lot of money just to take a picture. But despite this, I was determined to take a nice shot for my article.

I remembered seeing something at a retail store that might just do the trick. A series of toys/figures from the World of Nintendo figures! If they had Samus I could use her to take some decent looking shots. And guess what? They did! However it didn’t look very good. The toy’s paint job was very bad for my taste so I decided to go to another store to find a better looking one and after an half hour subway ride I managed to find a better looking one!

Samus in the box

Samus Box 1
Samus Box 2

Out of the Box

Samus out of the box 1
Samus out of the box 2

Samus Ball
It still has a couple flaws on the paint job but still, for 10€ I couldn’t ask for more. I’m quite happy with it and maybe I’ll purchase more of these toys in the future!

However this was not the only geeky thing I got this weekend. At the same store, after I picked Samus up, I decided that I needed a notebook and while I was browsing a bit I heard my girlfriend calling me saying that she found the perfect notebook for me. And she was right, just look at it! A Legend of Zelda notebook!!! 
Zelda notebook
Zelda notebook 2
Girlfriend even doodle a Link for me!! 
Link Drawing
This weekend was great! I hope I get more stuff like this, however if I keep purchasing everything I want just to take a picture I will get broke soon!
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