GB Boy Colour – Better than the original?

GB Boy Colour cover

If you read through my Impulsive Buying post you already know what a GB Boy Colour is. But if you don’t know I’ll describe it again. A GB Boy Colour is a knock-off GameBoy Color with a backlit screen and has the ability to play original GameBoy and Gameboy Color cartridges. Also, when you turn it on with no cartridge you are able to play the 66 built-in games it provides. And it has some surprisingly good games like Contra, Super Mario Land and DuckTales.

But, is it worth it? Did it live up to my expectations or was it a mistake to get? Before answering this I have to say that my expectations were very high. I saw a decent amount of reviews on Youtube beforehand and they all praised it a lot. Hence another reason to get one. Also, I’d like to point out some good and bad points that this handheld has to help you understand my conclusion.



If you buy one expecting it to feel exactly like a GameBoy Color then don’t get your hopes up. It feels cheaper than the original. It’s not as bad as you think though, it’s quite good for a knock-off! I just had to put this here because I was a bit disappointed. 

GB Boy Colour Plastic


Although not a major concern sometimes the pitch of a game’s music might be a bit higher or lower. I don’t know why this happens but it doesn’t affect my gameplay experience that much.

GB Boy Colour Sound


Remember that black thing at the top of the GameBoy Color? That’s an infrared sensor and it was used for wireless communications. The GB Boy Colour doesn’t have this feature. It has the same black rectangle where it should be though. Purely for cosmetics.

GB Boy Colour Infrared


This seems to only happen with some games, specifically Disney games. When you boot one up you can see some graphical glitches. The game is still playable but it’s kind of annoying!

GB Boy Colour Graphical Glitches



The buttons in this thing are legit, they are solid and very responsive. One of the things I like on this over the original Gameboy Color is the fact that the Start and Select buttons are actually made of plastic instead of rubber.

GB Boy Colour Buttons


This thing runs on AA batteries like the original but for some reason, they seem to last longer? I swear that I’ve played through the entire Pokémon Crystal and have not switched my batteries yet! If anything I thought that the batteries would deplete faster since the screen is backlit.

GB Boy Colour Batteries


The thing I feared the most was if the Link Cable would work or not. It totally does! Which means that I can actually play a game like Pokémon and complete the PokéDex.

GB Boy Colour Link Cable


This is the selling point of this system. However, until you have it in front of your eyes you cannot judge it properly. So, you must take my word for it when I say it looks amazing. Everything looks so bright and clean! It’s a bit wider compared to the original but it doesn’t bother me at all!

GB Boy Colour Screen


So, after all this, was it a mistake to get one or not? Of course,it wasn’t! This was by far one the best purchases I’ve ever done and I can’t recommend it enough. If you feel like re-living those childhood days when you played GameBoy games all day this is the best way to do it believe me! Also, if you want to get one I recommend it buying it here. The buyer is trustworthy and he responded to all my questions!

So, what are you waiting for? Get one!

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