Unboxing: Pokémon UltraSun

On the 17th Pokémon UltraSun/Moon was finally released. However, on the week leading to it, I couldn’t feel any kind of hype towards it. I had somewhat of a stressful week because of two tests I had to attend. And one of them was right on the day of the release. Because of this I didn’t have the time even think about any sort of game. But after I was done with those tests I was ready for Alola all over again!


As soon as I handed that test over I flashed out of the room and got to the subway as fast I could. All I could think of was getting the game! I had it pre-ordered on a store nearby my house so the plan was to get to the store and get home as soon as possible. At the store, I went to the counter, showed them my pre-order receipt and they handed me my copy of Pokémon UltraSun. All that was left was the paying, in which I had a very pleasant surprise. Every game in the store had a 20% discount, lucky me! Also, since I pre-ordered the game they gave a small figurine of one of the starter Pokémon. However, since it came in a sealed bag I could not choose the one I wanted, I could only hope I would get Popplio!

Once I got home I could finally give the game’s box a proper look. What I noticed was that it looks so much better in person than on the images I’d been seeing online. Also I ended up opening the bag that contained the figurine, I got Rowlett… I wasn’t that disappointed since it looks okay. Also my brother pre-ordered the game and got Popplio and since he likes Rowlett more we agreed on a trade!

Thoughts on Pokémon UltraSun?

I’m roughly halfway through Pokémon UltraSun and so far I’ve been having a very good time with it. The game provides enough changes in the story to give it a fresher look resulting in a different experience. These changes come in the form of new characters, new Pokémon to catch, new places to visit and some other new features like the Battle Agency, which is my favorite feature so far. I swear that it will take me forever to complete the main story because of the Battle Agency! I’m having a hard time leaving that place!

I really don’t want to spoil anything for anyone because this game is something that you should experience for yourself.  Even if you think that the game is not worth it because it seems to be the same as Pokémon Sun. And I can’t blame you because most of it is. Think of it has Pokémon Platinum or Pokémon Emerald. Both these games expanded their previous titles and took them to a whole new level and are now considered by many two of the best Pokémon games ever. 

You haven’t seen everything that Alola has to offer until you have played this game.

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