I guess it’s that part of the year when we all look back and start making a list of all the great games we’ve played. At least that’s what I did, and I even ranked them! However, I didn’t include every single game I played otherwise this list would be huge. I’ve decided to include only the five games I enjoyed playing the most and give a short explanation of why I liked them so much.


Let’s go then


For the 5th spot, I chose SteamWorld Dig 2, my most recent purchase. I got it for Christmas which means I’m not done with it yet. However, I decided that it wouldn’t be fair not to include it on this list. 
Just like the first one, SteamWorld Dig 2 is a great solid game and is a fine example of a sequel done right. The core gameplay of digging, exploring, and collecting is still there, but everything is much more fleshed out! We get a bigger mine to explore, new power-ups, new collectibles, and a lot of new fun puzzles to solve!


And lastly, the story is just great. In SteamWrold Dig 2 we get to play as Dorothy, whom you may remember from the first game. She’s looking for Rusty who is missing after the events of the first game. I love every bit of the story and everything else this game has to offer and I think that you should give it a try. It’s on sale right now on the Nintendo Switch Eshop, go get it while you can!



I love Pokémon, it’s probably the franchise I love the most. However, I don’t think it has done enough to earn a better place on my list. There were some nice additions to it that I enjoyed a lot and had fun with like the Mantine Surfing, the Battle Agency, the Totem Pokémon, the Ultra Wormhole, and the Team Rainbow Rocket! However the main story was a bit disappointing at some points there were aspects that I felt should’ve been expanded on, mainly the Ultra Metropolis. It would’ve been great if we had the chance to explore more of it instead of just a small space… 


It might seem like I didn’t like Pokémon Ultra Sun from the way I’m writing but I liked it! I’m just a bit more critical about it since Pokémon games are my favorite and I always have great expectations for them. Nonetheless, Pokémon Ultra Sun is a great game that expands your adventure in Alola and I’m still having fun with it. 




By far, Dragon Ball Fusions is the most innovative game I played this year. It mixes the Dragon Ball Universe with RPG elements and a battle system different from anything you’ve seen before. But the real seller of the game is the fact that you can fuse any character you want! There are some limitations to this though. The characters can only fuse with other specific characters and you need to complete some requirements beforehand. Still, this provides a large variety of awesome and funny fusions like Majin Satan, a fusion between Majin Buu and Mr. Satan!
I had a blast building my team and performing different fusions. Especially those including my custom character, that can fuse with anyone. You can create an original character from five different races. The Humans, the Saiyans, the Namekians, the Aliens and the Offworlders. Each one is unique in their way and the best thing is that you are not stuck with a certain race forever. By collecting the Dragon Balls you can change your race anytime you want to!
What are you waiting for then? If you love Dragon Ball you’ll love this game as well without a single doubt!




With the release of the SNES Classic, I was finally able to play some of history’s greatest games and one of them was Super Metroid. There isn’t much to say about this game that hasn’t been said by others. It’s a great 2D platformer that rewards the player for exploring every nook and cranny of it. The more you explore the more power-ups you’ll collect which in return will make you much more powerful. There is nothing like going back to those first areas with new abilities and blasting through enemies that gave you some trouble early on.
I liked this game so much that I completed it twice in a row and then bought it again on the Nintendo 3Ds Eshop and completed it yet again! Call me crazy but when I like a game I enjoy being able to play it on different systems. And it feels so good to go anywhere and bring Super Metroid in my pocket! It’s, in my opinion, a must-have game and if you have a Nintendo 3DS I recommend you to get it. I assure you you’ll have a blast with it like I did!




”Imagine your standard Monster Hunter game where you take on missions, explore, gather supplies, and hunt monsters. Now mix this with a game like Pokémon. The result will be none other than Monster Hunter Stories. A game where you not only hunt monsters but collect monster eggs, hatch them, and have them join you in battle. And even better, you can ride them while exploring!” – quoted
I love Monster Hunter Stories, it was the game I spent the most time on this year. It has so much content! From the fairly big main story to the hundreds of quests and items to collect there is always something to do in this game.
Also, it still has regular DLC which adds new quests and Monsters to collect. And when you think you’ve done everything that’s when you discover the Online Battle and sink in even more hours of your time.
Just like all the other games on this list, this is a must-buy. Even more, if you want something refreshing because that’s what this game is. 
After reading this do yourself a favor and download the demo on the Nintendo 3DS Eshop and you’ll see why I like this game so much.


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