How I finally got my first Prime Warframe

My First Prime Warframe


I’m back to playing Warframe and this is a story about how I finally got my first Prime Warframe after years of playing on and off. 

I’m not the most proficient Warframe player, I actually play this quite casually and haven’t a deep knowledge of all the game’s mechanics. But, I’ve always wanted to have a Prime Warframe ever since I started playing this 3 years ago. However, the price of the Prime Access has always been a drawback to me. Although I liked this game a lot I wasn’t ready to spend 71,99€ just so I could look flashy. And to this day I’m not yet prepared to do so. Then, how did I get a Prime Warframe then?  

Recently my older brother started playing Warframe and he told that he got a Rhino Prime. I was in shock! I had played 150 hours of this game and I wasn’t even close to getting a Prime Warframe! How did he do it? Well, some friends got him the parts for free and he built it. I had no idea you could farm Prime parts… I guess that’s what I get for not playing this game more often!

Waframe Loki Trading

Now I knew what I had to do! And luckily I had a 75% Platinum discount from logging in! Without a second thought, I purchased 370 Platinum for a mere 4,40€. Then, I looked for a player willing to sell Loki Prime parts and voilá. I got my first Prime Warframe.

I’m getting more into the game now and I found out that to get a Prime Warframe all that you need is a bit of dedication, time and a bit of luck since you can farm some of them. And, if you get a Prime part you don’t want you can just sell it for Platinum or trade it with another player for a part you want!

And that’s the story of how I finally got my first Prime Warframe. It took a while but I finally look much flashier! If you don’t have one I hope this story helps you to get your first!

Waframe Loki Prime

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