Is Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition worth it?

Final Fantasy XV fans can finally play their favorite game on the go with the release of a pocket edition on mobile. But, is Final Fantasy Pocket Edition worth it? And what it is it really? 

As the name implies it’s a condensed version that follows the story of the main game and presents itself with chibi like graphicsI wasn’t going to try this game since I knew my smartphone wouldn’t be able to run it. However, I got a new phone recently and decided that it was time to give this game an honest try.

I was excited to play it because since I don’t have a PS4 I never got to play Final Fantasy XV. I know that the Pocket Edition can’t provide the same experience as the main game but at least it can present its story, which by the way I’m loving so far.


Is Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition worth buying - Story

In this world, there are two states at war, the Kingdom of Lucius and the Empire of Niflheim. To end this conflict Prince Noctis has been sent to negotiate a ceasefire and has set out from the kingdom alongside his friends, Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus. As a proof of respect and peace, Prince Noctis is to wed Lunafreya, an Oracle of Niflheim. Their wedding was to be held at the capital of Accordo but on their way there they received news that the Kingdom of Lucius had been attacked and that King Lucius and Lunafreya had been killed. Afterwards, Noctis and his friends rush to the kingdom’s capital, Imsonia, where chapter 1 ends.

The story itself seems interesting and the characters are actually loveable, however, this means nothing if the gameplay isn’t good. So, how is it?


Is Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition worth buying - Combat

The gameplay is quite simple to understand. To move all you have to do is tap where you want to go on the screen. You can approach items in the fields to pick them up, break wooden boxes or even kick piles of dirt to find new items.

While you are exploring you might find an enemy, once you tap it your character will automatically attack. During combat, there are a few actions that you can perform like Warp Strike, by tapping an enemy longer, which consumes MP. You can also parry and dodge an attack by pressing the correct icon on the screen at the right time, but if you get hit don’t worry! You can always use items from your backpack like a Potion or even a Phoenix Down. Also, sometimes your other party members may perform a special attack and all you need to do is tap the icon correspondent to it.
Is Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition worth buying - Skills

Outside of the combat, there is also another important mechanic that involves one of your Party members, Ignis. He’s a cook and by collecting different ingredients he’ll be able to prepare different dishes at a camp or a lodge. In consequence, Noct and his friends will get different boosts to their stats and make your battling more efficient
Another way to improve your battle strength is to spend the AP (ascension points) that you gain from leveling up in new skills. Also, it’s important to buy new equipment once in a while so make sure you explore a lot and grab as many treasures as you can and then trade them for money.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition - Selling

Also, sometimes during a dialog, you’ll be given three choices, ”’Ask for a Discount” that will earn you 50 gils,”Ask for a Loan” that will earn you 100 gils and ”Ask my friends” that will earn you 50 exp. So, if you want to buy new equipment faster just choose the options that will earn you money but if you just want to level up faster just choose the other! 

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition - Choice


From what I played Final Fantasy XV seems to be a very solid game. I can even say that it’s the best mobile game I’ve played without a doubt. However, there’s a catch to this one. A game like this can’t be free-to-play so if you want the full experience you’ll have to spend 21,99€, ouch! Or, you can buy each chapter individually but that will cost you far more.

So, in conclusion, I think that you should really try this game, whether you’re a Final Fantasy fan or not. The graphics are clean, the gameplay is good, the story is captivating and the characters are just amazing. I swear that I’m feeling an urge to buy the full game just to see Noctis and friends hang out and say ridiculous puns. However, I’ll be holding myself back from it, at least for now. But if you try the game and feel that it’s worth the price then go for it! Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is a fun game without a doubt!

Is Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition worth it?

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