PowerA Controller for the Nintendo Switch

PowerA Controller for the Nintendo Switch

I bought a PowerA controller?

After roughly eight months of owning a Nintendo Switch, I decided that it was time to buy a controller. I really like the Joycons but let’s admit that they aren’t the most comfortable if you want to play for long hours.

So, if I was going to buy a brand new controller the obvious choice would be to go for the best, and by that, I mean the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. It’s with no doubt the only controller you’ll ever need for your gaming needs. However, there’s a catch, the price tag.

Since I didn’t feel comfortable spending 69,99€ I decided to look at what other options I had and managed to find this awesome PowerA controller for 29,99€. I was a bit skeptical about it though. The Legend of Zelda design was beautiful but would the controller feel too plasticky or would the buttons be too hard to press?

PowerA Controller for the Nintendo Switch - Box

Before buying it I asked the store clerk to open its box so I could try it and I was pleasantly surprised. This PowerA controller felt lighter in comparison to the Pro Controller and it doesn’t feel as solid but it wasn’t cheap in any way. Although the buttons were fine the D-Pad felt a bit too hard for me but it wasn’t a major problem since I barely use a D-Pad. I rather use the analog stick which felt great in this controller.

It’s also important to mention that this is a wired controller, which I actually prefer. I was concerned by the size of the cable but as I unwrapped it my worries faded away. It could have half the length it currently had and it would still suffice.

PowerA Controller for the Nintendo Switch - Front

So far it seemed like a decent and solid controller so I decided to buy it. However after I plugged it on my Switch I found out a small problem. Usually, when you press the home button on the Joycon the Switch turns on but with the PowerA controller, it doesn’t. Also, as I was trying to play a game called Dawn of the Breakers I noticed that the controller wouldn’t work with it. I’ve tested all the games I had and so far this was the only game in which the PowerA controller didn’t work. 

PowerA Controller for the Nintendo Switch - Back

One last thing that I’d like to mention is that this controller doesn’t have gyro or rumble. That might be a bit disappointing for some but I’m okay with it since I don’t use those features that much. I only miss the gyro a bit when I’m playing Mario Tennis Aces!

And those were all my thoughts on the PowerA controller! I really recommend it to anyone who is looking for a budget controller that doesn’t feel cheap and is comfortable to play with!  Also, there are a ton of other great designs to choose from, I’m sure you’ll be able to find one that suits you!

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