Dragon Ball FighterZ is out on the Nintendo Switch!

Dragon Ball FighterZ Is out on the Nintendo Switch


The wait is over, Dragon Ball FighterZ is out on the Nintendo Switch! And I had no intention of getting it, however, as I was browsing my country’s version of eBay I found a brand new copy of the game listed for 40€. After a bit of haggling, I managed to make the price drop to 35€! Seemed like a great deal right?

I was so thrilled with the price I overlooked the fact that the listing had no actual photos of the game, just some screenshots taken from google. It worried me a bit but then I reminded myself that most people are just lazy to take nice pictures for their ads.

We then agreed on a location and after riding the subway for 30 minutes I was finally able to take my first glimpse at Dragon Ball FighterZ for the Nintendo Switch, and it was a beauty! I swear I could hear Goku screaming from the box art! And as the ad said the game was brand new and properly sealed. Then, I handed over the money, shook the person’s hand and walked straight to the subway.

After another long 30 minutes, I was finally home and ready to test the game out! And I was a bit underwhelmed at first. It hooked me visually since the graphics are stunning but mechanically it took me a couple of hours of practice to actually get into it. But at least I’m in now! If I have the time for it I’ll try to make a review down the line but for now, I’ll just leave you with some bad gameplay!

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