Pokemon Halloween event and a new tablet?

Pokemon Halloween event and a new tablet?


About two days ago a new event started on Pokemon Go to celebrate Halloween and it featured a Special Research quest line and the reward is none other than spooky and mysterious Pokemon Spiritomb. And guess what? I finally got it!

Pokemon Halloween event and a new tablet?

Although the quests themselves aren’t difficult they will leave you dry on PokeBalls and Berries since they require you to use 108 berries and then catch 108 Pokemon! Luckily, I had plenty of both and also, it was my day off so I had a lot of time to try and complete this spooky research. However, this wasn’t my only goal for the day, I had my eyes set on MediaMarkt and it’s fantastic sales.

My current laptop is broken and doesn’t close meaning that I can’t take it anywhere and that’s a real pain when I need to travel or go to school. Faced with this issue I decided that it was time to buy a new laptop however, I don’t have that much money right now so I decided to buy a tablet with a case and keyboard.

Pokemon Halloween event and a new tablet?

I did a quick research and decided on a tablet but once I got to the store it was out of stock! So I improvised and grabbed a Lenovo TAB4 10. It was 10$ more expensive but it had slightly better specs and it seemed to have a better build quality compared to the Acer Iconic 10 that I wanted to buy beforehand.

After grabbing the tablet I decided not to buy the keyboard and case immediately since they only had one for 49,99$ and I felt that it way too expensive for what it was, even after reading some great reviews. So, I went to the biggest line I’ve ever seen in a shop and after roughly 30mins I was the owner of a brand new tablet.

Pokemon Halloween event and a new tablet?
When I got home something was really bugging me though… I was happy with my purchase but it was only half complete without the keyboard and case. Also, I still needed to finish Spiritomb research! So I did what I had to do, I grabbed my phone put my shoes on and went to a couple IT stores while catching some Pokemon.

Roughly one hour later I finally found a decent keyboard from 1Life called ta:fold 10′‘. It seemed to have a great price to quality ratio and right after buying it I managed to catch my 108th Pokemon, finish the dreadful research.! Then I caught Spiritomb and placed it in a gym so everyone could see it!

Pokemon Halloween event and a new tablet?

All in all, it was a good but tiring day, I only regret not taking more pictures for this post! Anyway, have a great day and good luck catching the spooky Pokemon Spiritomb!

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