How to make actual money with Videogames


Today I will show you a  feasible way of how to make actual money with videogames but before that, a small disclosure. You’ll not be able to make a living following this method, you will, however, make some extra money without much effort and you can might even turn it into a fun hobby. 

Last month I noticed that maybe I was spending a bit too much on videogames so I looked into solving this problem. The solution was quite simple though, I just needed more money to support my gaming needs! However, at that moment, getting another job wasn’t possible so I’d have to find another way to increase my income!

I recalled to a couple months back to when I sold my Nintendo 2DS using a website like eBay. I sold it for 50€ and still had them lying around so I thought to myself ‘How can I turn this 50€ into 100€?’ The answer came to me quite easily. I went to the same website I used to sell my console to see if I could find any cheap games and consoles that I knew I could sell for a higher price. I found a couple quite fast but the one that got my interest was a Nintendo 2DS that came with four individual games for just 75€.

How to make actual money with Videogames

Having my mind set I decided to add 25€ to the previous 50€ I already had so I could make the purchase. This was somewhat of a risk but I knew I could get a good profit with minimum effort. The games that came with the Nintendo 2DS were Mario Kart 7, Yoshi’s New Island, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Link Between Worlds.  They are very popular games and I managed to sell them all for 50€. The console itself was tougher to sell, it took me two weeks but in the end, I managed to sell it for 75€, the price I had paid for the full package. Meaning I had a profit of 50€.

How to make actual money with Videogames - Zelda

Since I’ve started doing this it has without a doubt turned into a very fun hobby! I love searching for new games to sell and bargain for a good price. If I keep it up by the end of the month I’ll probably have enough to buy Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Super Smash Ultimate! I urge you to try this if you have a knack for business! It’s a legit way of how to make actual money with videogames.
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