How to unlock Frame Fighter in Warframe

How to unlock Frame Fighter in Warframe title

I really like fighting games and when I saw that there was a fighting mini-game in Warframe I was thrilled and ready to play it! However, I found out that I needed to unlock it first but, after I unlocked it I was very disappointed. 

Still, without further a due here’s how to unlock Frame Fighter in Warframe!

To unlock the mini-game you’ll need 50,000 standing points with Cephalon Simaris so you can buy the Ludoplex. If you don’t have enough points you need to start farming! First, go to Larunda Relay in Mercury and fast travel to Cephalon Simaris, speak with him and select the daily task. 

How to unlock Frame Fighter in Warframe Cephalon Simaris
This task will have you go hunt a specific target but before you head out, make sure you have enough Synthesis Scanners and Kinetic Siphon Traps, which you can buy from the Offerings behind Cephalon Simaris.

How to unlock Frame Fighter in Warframe Cephalon offerings

With everything set, you can now go on a hunt. However, finding where your target is can be tricky sometimes so, to save you some time, I advise you to use this guide.

How to unlock Frame Fighter in Warframe Cephalon scanner
After knowing your target’s location start the mission and immediately equip and use a Synthesis Scanner. While using it follow the light squares until you reach your target and then, put a Kinetic Siphon Trap down and scan the dots on your target. 

How to unlock Frame Fighter in Warframe Cephalon target
After scanning the target you’ll receive standing points but you can only retain them after you finish the mission. You’ll notice however that the number of points you receive will decrease after you scan a few targets.

How to unlock Frame Fighter in Warframe Cephalon standing points
This happens because there’s a daily cap in the amount of standing you can get. However, even after hitting the daily cap, Cephalon Simaris will still award you points after you finish its task, so it’s advised that you reach this cap beforehand. 

If you haven’t reached your cap yet, even if after scanning all Synthesis Targets, you can still scan regular enemies to earn additional points.

How to unlock Frame Fighter in Warframe Cephalon Ludoplex
After hunting and scanning for a couple of days you’ll finally have 50,000 standing points and you’ll be able to purchase the Ludoplex in the Offerings behind Cephalon Simaris. Then go back to the ship and place it wherever you want.

Congrats! You can now play Frame Fighter to your heart’s content! Or not… since no one actually plays it! I’ve had this for an entire week and haven’t found a single person to play it with me, not even my friends! But at least it looks great on my ship… right?

Well, that’s how yo unlock Frame Fighter in Warframe, hope you’ve found this useful somehow!

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