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It’s been a bit over a year since I bought my Nintendo Switch and since then I’ve played dozens of games on it. However, out of those dozens, only a few got completed and this is something that I plan to fix.

A solution to this would be to immediately start playing every single game I own to completion in a row but I don’t think that I’d be able to this without a serious introspection. I need to know why I drop games mid-through even though I’m enjoying them.

My Nintendo Switch Backlog earth wars
I clearly remember that my Nintendo Switch backlog started in early in February of 2018 when I bought a game called Earth Wars. A 2D -Action-Platformer where you go on missions, kill monsters and then use those monster’s drops to create newer and better gear. I saw in it some similarities with Monster Hunter and that made me crave for a real Monster Hunter game on my Switch, but the only one available was in Japanese, which I got a couple of days after buying Earth Wars. Leaving it as the first game to ever enter my backlog.
Monster Hunter XX got me hooked and entertained for a couple of months but as I grew tired of it the spring sales came and with it new games for me to enjoy. I remember not having that much money to spend on video games since I had moved recently to a new house. However, I did have a good amount of gold coins! And with those coins, I managed to get a great discount on three games , Monster Boy: Dragon’s Trap, Mighty Gunvolt Burst, Steamworld Heist and Kamiko.

My Nintendo Switch Backlog Steam World Heist

Out of those four, only two were completed leaving Steamworld Heist and Kamiko with Earth Wars on my Nintendo Switch backlog, and I guess you can add Monster Hunter XX to it since I never got to finish it.
After these games I got The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild followed by Super Mario Odyssey, which I took my time with and I can say that I played them to completion. However, the same can’t be said for Dead Cells. I got it a while after beating Breath of the Wild and before owning Mario Odyssey and despite loving it I never got to see the credits roll. I guess I got a bit frustrated with the fact that I could never beat that last boss, but I’m up for the challenge again!

My Nintendo Switch Backlog dead cells
Up until this point I had five games in my backlog but I saw that number double in a heartbeat. The sixth game that would eventually be on my list would be Dragon Ball FighterZ. I played this game a lot when it released and I had so much fun learning how to perform cool combos and climb the online ladder! However, the same can’t be said for the Story Mode… I appreciate the new original story but the fights were so easy which made me lose interest.

While I was playing Dragon Ball FighterZ I decided to purchase Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection since I was on a fighting game craze. There isn’t much to complete in it other than beating all the arcade mode in all games and since I’ve only done that on Street Fighter 2 this collection will remain will stay on my backlog.

We’re almost done! 

My Nintendo Switch Backlog shining force
December was a crazy month and I definitely bit more than I could chew. I got Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at release and that was all I needed, however, on Christmas I got Starlink, Owlboy and a 15€ Nintendo Eshop Card which I used to purchase Shining Force Resonance: Refrain. I’m done with Smash Bros. in terms of single-player content and right now I’m focusing on Shining Force so I’ll have to add two more games to my backlog.

And these would be all the games that I had left behind if it wasn’t for my brothers. They actually convinced me to buy Dark Souls with them because there was a buy three get one free discount on a nearby store. Well, I’ll just add it to my backlog along with the rest…

My Nintendo Switch Backlog dark souls
And those are all the games I have on my backlog right now! After writing and remembering all of this I came to the conclusion that I’m a very impulsive person and lack concentration and focus. Every time I get a new game I’m already looking forward to the next one, making me lose focus and interest in what I’m currently playing. Now that I’m aware of this I can hopefully try and complete the games on my backlog. I might even try streaming some of them!

How about you? How big is your Nintendo Switch backlog?

PS: During Halloween I got Hollow but let’s forget that games exist.
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