Worth getting a Nintendo 3DS in 2019?

Worth getting a Nintendo 3DS in 2019


The release of the Nintendo Switch made people think that the Nintendo 3DS line would be made obsolete and die shortly after, however, until this day Nintendo, and other third-party companies, continue supporting it adding more and more games to its already large library. Since this handheld refuses to disappear from our collective consciousness is it still worth getting a Nintendo 3DS in 2019?

Worth getting a Nintendo 3DS in 2019
The major argument that would make someone buy a Nintendo 3DS would be, as I said before, its extensive library. I can guarantee you that there’s at least a  handful of games that will fit your taste being it Platformers, Rgps, Action-Games, Puzzle-Games, etc… And this library gets even bigger when you put into account the fact that the Nintendo 3DS is compatible with any Nintendo DS game! Isn’t that insane?

One other strong point for this console is its pricing. You can purchase a Nintendo 2DS for 99,99€, or less, with a game included. Or, you can purchase a Nintendo 2DS XL with the same conditions for 149,99€. In my opinion for the price both are worth buying however, if it’s too pricey for you there’s always the possibility of going to a site like eBay and buy a used one for a much cheaper price, just make sure the console is working properly before making the purchase!

Worth getting a Nintendo 3DS in 2019
The third and last argument that I’d like to point out is its portability. I know that it’s a bit reductant to say that portability is a major plus for a handheld console… but it’s true! I have a Nintendo Switch and every time I have to spend a weekend at my mom’s house it’s always a hassle to bring it with me. Since I like playing on the TV I have to bring along the dock which ends up taking a lot of space on my backpack. I could just play it in portable mode but those Joycons give me hand cramps after minutes of playing… My Nintendo 2DS XL on the other end doesn’t occupy much space and it’s comfortable to play, hence why I start choosing it over the Switch every time I have to travel.

So, to put it simply, the Nintendo 3DS line has an amazingly huge library, it’s cheap and it’s great to carry around. So, if you don’t own one and are wondering if it’s worth getting a Nintendo 3DS in 2019 my answer is yes. I promise that you won’t regret it, and if you do you can just sell it and get some of the money back!
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