Dragon Marked for Death Leveling Guide

Welcome to my Dragon Marked for Death leveling guide! I’ve been playing this game since day one and I want to share my way of reaching level 50 as fast as possible. I’ve only tried this method on Empress and Warrior since I only own the Frontline Fighters pack, however, many things on this guide apply to all characters so I’m sure it’ll be useful even if you own the Advanced Attackers pack!


My method will have you complete a level 35-50 quest which will give you from 2640exp to 5200exp You can start doing this at level 15 meaning you need a weapon, a very good one. You can either go to Dreaming of Treasure or Brother and Sister quest to get a god-like weapon. Just make sure you increase the level of the quests for better loot! 

I managed to get a Hunter Sword +3 for Empress after completing Brother and Sister at level 15 and it has been difficult to find a better one!

Dragon Marked for Death Leveling Guide



Frozen Fusion is a very easy quest that gives a ton of exp in a short amount of time. At level 50 if you complete it in about 3mins without dying you’ll earn 5200exp! I’m not sure what’s the fastest way to unlock this quest but I got it after completing the Undying Dragon subquest. The other quests I had completed were: The Ogre Fort (with flag), Dreaming of Treasure, Polluted Water, Sea of Tumult, Cruise Escort, The Frigid Nest (with flag), Lost in White, Over the Ice Wall, Undying Dragon, Brother and Sister, Tomb Rescue.

By the time I unlocked Frozen Fusion I had my Empress at level 15.



The quest itself is pretty easy, all you have to do is hunt a couple monsters and collect the enchanted ice they drop, once you get 300 the quest ends. The only monsters that you need to hunt are the Shockfish, the Cloudfish, and the Battle Crab.

As an Empress, I was putting all my points on PIE and used White Candies to increase the damage of my Dragon Shots. The enemies would all die after two or three shots but the same would happen to me! After farming for a while I was at level 20 and I started doing this quest on the level 50 difficulty and I would die in one shot. However, I would still get 3900exp or more even if I died a couple of times.

As a Warrior, it was a bit easier since I could take a couple more hits without dying. However, since I relied on my Charge Attack to one-shot everything I had to be close and be aware of my enemies attack patterns. Knowing when to get in or out is the key! Also, I put some points on ACC since I was missing a lot of attacks.

Dragon Marked for Death Leveling Guide



And that’s all! Depending on your skill you can reach level 50 in about an hour or so. I hope you’ve found my Dragon Marked for Death leveling guide useful! Happy grinding!

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