How do I farm items in Pokémon GO?

How do I farm items in Pokémon GO

While playing Pokémon Go I usually run out of items quick since I like catching everything I see and battle every gym that is not from Team Mystic. However, once I get home I can easily have my bag filled and ready for my next adventure. But how do I farm items in Pokémon Go if I’m at home?

How do I farm items in Pokémon GO

Luckily for me, I live right on top of a Poké Stop and every 5 minutes I spin it for a couple of items. While this seems great it’s a pain to look at my phone every once in while and flick my finger over it… There must be a way to make this less of a task, and there is!

The answer is the Poké Ball Plus that I bought a while ago! All I have to do is connect it to Pokemon Go and let it spin the Poké Stop for me, but I did run into an issue though.

How do I farm items in Pokémon GO

Every time a Pokémon would appear the Poké Ball Plus would prioritize it and would not spin the Poké Stop. Luckily this was easily fixed since all I had to do was go the Poké Ball Plus settings and turn off the Neaby Pokémon Notifications, that way it would only spin the Poké Stops and ignore the Pokémon.

And now, with everything set, I just need to sit on my couch and wait while my bag is filled with goodies!
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