How I got my HP Omen DC0006NP


Recently I enrolled in an Outsystems course and my 5-year-old Acer barely has the minimum requirements for it and it’s literally falling apart, meaning it was time to get a brand new laptop. However, when the time to choose one came I didn’t know what to get and made a big mistake, but, I got lucky and ended up getting a very good laptop! So, here’s how I got my HP Omen DC0006NP.
I only knew that I’d been accepted to enroll on the course earlier this week so the pressure was on! I immediately went to a couple online stores like Fnac and Worten and settled on an Acer Aspire. The keyword here is settled, I didn’t really want it but since it had the specs I needed, I ordered it
Usually, these orders take one-business-day to arrive so after two days I started to worry and I was right to be because I eventually got a message saying that the laptop was out of stock. I was so mad! How could they let me buy an item that’s out of stock? It makes no sense! 
I then rushed to the nearest physical store to make a bit of noise and express my disappointment with the situation. Luckily for me, the people working there were nice and ended up solving my situation. They immediately refunded me and let me choose another laptop from their store.
I saw this as a second chance and this time I would buy a laptop that I was happy with it so, I bought an Omen HP DC0006NP, which was marked with a 47% discount, dropping its 1400€ price to a much affordable 740€.
But how good is the laptop? Well, it’s much better than any other laptop I’ve ever owned looking at the specs alone but I still didn’t have enough time with it to make a decent review. I’ve tried a couple of games on it like Abzû, Ori and Guild Wars 2 and so far all ran great!
So, what’s the moral of the story? When feeling pressured remember to take a deep breath, close your eyes and reflect on the choices you’re about to make. I didn’t do this and almost got something that I would not be happy with!
And that’s the story of I got how I got my HP Omen DC0006NP, have a nice Sunday!
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