My most anticipaded games for the Nintendo Switch!

most anticipaded games for the Nintendo Switch


It’s amazing how a week later we can still feel the hype generated from the Nintendo Direct shown at E3 2019. With it came a ton of new announcements with release dates that made my wallet cry, so one must make decisions.

If  I were to buy every single game that was shown I’d be broke by September, this is why I decided to make a list of my anticipated games for the Nintendo Switch. This way I’ll only buy the games I put on it and prioritize the ones at the top!

Also, I decided to split this list in half with five games on each side since I don’t like making long lists!   

Let’s begin then!


I never had the chance of actually playing a Dragon Quest game but with the release of Hero in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, I think it’s time to give this franchise a try and what better way to start than with Dragon Quest XI S? I have one small problem with it though, which is the same problem I have with any other JRPG. This type of game takes a lot of time to complete and going forward I’m seeing myself with less and less time to play videogames. Still, the game looks gorgeous with that Akira Toriyama style and I can’t wait to play it!


Another Dragon Quest game on this list? You bet! When Dragon Quest Builders released on the Nintendo Switch it wasn’t what I call a priority game, so, I didn’t buy it immediately but I was sure that I would one day, or so I thought. Months passed and my interest for it dwindled but then I heard there was going to be a Dragon Quest Builders 2. And after watching the actual trailer for it I knew that I’d have to get my hands on it or else I’d be missing out on something great! Apparently, unlike the previous one, you can play online with your friends and I can’t wait to start building a kingdom with my buddies! 


I have so many mixed feelings for this game! My favorite type of Zelda games are the ones in 2D meaning I’m really looking forward to playing the remake of Link’s Awakening. However, I’m not looking forward to paying 59,99€ for it… I understand that each game has its own development cost and that reflects on the price but you can’t tell me games like Mario Odyssey or even Super Smash Bros Ultimate cost the same to make as this remake… This might just be me being ignorant on the matter so feel free to clarify me! But as I said, I’m looking forward to this game and I will get it eventually.


When I first saw Astral Chain I immediately got some Xenoblade Chronicles 2 vibes since the battle system revolves around the idea of controlling two characters at the same time. I was a bit skeptic on how this would work with an action based game but looking at the gameplay shown at Nintendo TreeHouse it looks amazing and I can’t wait to try it for myself!

6 – Daemon X Machina

It’s been a while since we’ve got a proper Mech game and I believe Daemon X Machina to be that game. From the moment I saw it and got to play the Demo I knew that this game had something special and that the devs would work hard to make this the best it can be. If you’ve played the test demo and saw the gameplay footage shown at Nintendo TreeHouse you’ll see that they actually improved certain aspects pointed out by players of the demo. So, I have no doubts that by the time this game releases we’ll have a game that looks and feels like one of the best Mech games ever made!


And that’s the end of the first half of my most anticipated games for the Nintendo Switch! What games to do you think will be one the second half? And which games are you anticipating the most? Let me know!

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