What do I want for a Pokémon Game Collection?

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about a possible Pokémon Game Collection being released to celebrate the 25 years of Pokémon and, just like everyone else, I have my own expectations for it. So, I decided to write a small list of all the features I’d like to see while trying to be as realistic as possible:


If it’s a game collection I expect it to have a decent amount of games, but how many and which ones? For me, it would be a dream to have every single Pokémon title in a single cartridge but this isn’t realistic at all, unfortunately. 
I think any Nintendo DS or Nintendo 3DS game will be out of the equation just because of how much they rely on a second screen.
With this said, I think it would be possible to have a Pokémon Collection with every Game Boy title and another version with every Game Boy Advance title. Let’s just hope they don’t overprice it though, 30€ would be a good selling point, at least for me!


Just like when Pokémon Crystal was released on the Nintendo 3DS, I’d like to see every single event being unlocked.


There are too many legendary and mythical Pokémon completely locked behind items that were only distributed in places where you had to go physically and can’t be obtainable today without using cheats. 



While it’s almost certain that this collection will have some online connectivity with Pokémon Home I really need them to take things a bit further.


Updating every single game to allow, not just local wireless communication, but also online play would take this collection to an entirely new level.


Otherwise, how would people be able to complete their Pokédex if they have no one else near to trade with?



If they really want to celebrate Pokémon’s 25th anniversary why not include some goodies with this collection?


They could include posters, some pins, a small figure, an art book, and maybe a cd with the most memorable soundtracks! As someone that loves to display nerdy stuff around the house and show it off to my friends, this would be more than welcome!



It’s a really small list but as I said earlier, I tried being as realistic as possible and honestly, I think that everything on it is doable. But, for some reason, I think I’m still setting myself up for disappointment, regardless of how realistic I try to be.

 And what about you? What would you like to see in a possible Pokémon Game Collection

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