Is Little Nightmares 2 worth it?

Is Little Nightmares 2 worth it? To celebrate a new achievement in my life I decided to treat myself to a brand new game. So, I went to my nearest electronics shop, and as soon as I got to the Nintendo Switch section my eyes were locked on Little Nightmares 2: TV Edition, which seemed fantastic.
I was a bit reluctant at first because I hadn’t played the first Little Nightmares, however, after some googling, I found out that Little Nightmares 2 was a prequel so, I grabbed it immediately, paid for it, and waited for nightfall, the perfect time of the day to get the most out of this terrific game.
Is Little Nightmares 2 worth it
So, what kind of game is Little Nightmares 2 anyway? It’s a great adventure/puzzle game with some horror and creepy elements mixed in.
You’ll be playing with a mysterious boy named Mono and eventually, you’ll encounter a girl named Six who’ll accompany you throughout your journey.

Six we’ll assist you from time to time when you need a little boost to reach a higher place or even push bigger objects and she’s totally AI dependant, meaning you can’t have another person controlling her.


This is a bit of a letdown because when I got this I really thought that I was getting a coop game. But still, it still shines as a single-player game.


Is Little Nightmares 2 worth it

There are some great tense moments when Mono and Six have to be separated, and these sections can take a while to complete. So it wouldn’t be fair to the other player to just wait around while the one that controls Mono gets all the fun.


If this game were to be coop it would have to be rebuilt from the ground up, giving us a completely different experience and I’m more than pleased with what this game has to offer already.


I really enjoyed most of the puzzles since they required a lot of logical thinking and made me feel rewarded as I completed them. Then, there are some that were just annoying to deal with since the answer wasn’t one that could be solved with logic alone and relied more on trial and error.


However, even in those, I managed to find some sort of enjoyment since each completed puzzle meant I could keep exploring the horrific world of Little Nightmares 2.


Is Little Nightmares 2 worth it


Throughout the whole game, you’ll venture into familiar places that we are all accustomed to, but with a horrific twist.


This combined with a lack of light and an amazing soundtrack that knows when to deliver the right tune for the right moment creates this ambiance that we’ll make you feel uneasy throughout your whole journey and fearful for what’s yet to come.


I was always on my toes and some situations were so intense that I couldn’t even breathe!

Also, since there is no dialogue there are a lot of things that are not explained thoroughly leaving your mind to theorize about certain aspects of the game.


However, it gets easier to understand what’s going on by paying attention to details, which is a bit difficult on your first playthrough since you’ll be more focused on completing the puzzles and running away from spooky monsters. So, I really suggest playing it a second time!


Is Little Nightmares 2 worth it


My first playthrough took me roughly 7-8h to complete and I missed a lot of the collectibles, which aren’t that many, to be honest. If you want to complete the game all you need to do is find 18 glitching remains and 12 hats.


I got them all on my second one and it took roughly 3 hours since I knew how to solve every single puzzle already. Also, if you collect every glitching remain you’ll be treated with a Secret Ending, so you can look forward to that!


You might think that the price of this game is too high for the number of hours it takes to complete but honestly, I don’t regret paying full price for this at all, this is the type of game that’ll give you an experience that you’ll remember for years to come.


I got so addicted to the world of Little Nightmares that after this one I already played through the first one, purchase the Very Little Nightmares mobile game, went through every available official comics, and spent too many hours watching theory videos on Youtube.



In conclusion, do yourself, a favor and purchase Little Nightmares 2, it’s fantastic.


Side-note: During my time with this game I came across 2 or 3 bugs on the Switch Version and one of them was really bad since it stopped me from making progress in the game, however, even with this issue I still recommend it!



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