Is the Xbox Ultimate Game Pass worth?

Is the Xbox Ultimate Game Pass worth?
Last year was fantastic for me in terms of gaming since I finally bought a console that wasn’t from Nintendo, an Xbox Series S! And, just like any other new Xbox owner, I acquired the 3-month Xbox Ultimate Game Pass for just 1€.

With over 100 great AAA and indie games to choose from for console and pc, and the ability to play most of them on any device using the XCloud stream service. it really feels like you are getting more than your money’s worth, even if you have to pay 12,99€ each month.



However, I found out that this service doesn’t fit someone like me. Since there were so many games to choose from I could never focus on just one.


I kept jumping from game to game and in the three months that I had the Games Pass I didn’t finish a single one!


It seems I can’t be fully invested in a game that I know will be gone one day if I don’t pay the subscription… Also, the Nintendo Switch still holds my favorite titles and I still prioritize them over any Xbox game.


Then, there’s the cloud gaming service. Although I really liked it as a concept it was very rare to have a session where the input lag wasn’t atrocious.


When it didn’t lag though, it was just brilliant! Playing graphically impressive games on my Microsoft Surface Go 2 was surreal.


I was a bit skeptical about cloud gaming but after trying it out I really think that this will be a very prominent service in the years to come.


Despite all this, I really want to point out that although I didn’t finish any of the games on the Xbox Game Pass I had a blast trying out classics like Mass Effect, Halo,  Sea of Thieves, Fable, among others. These were games that I’d see my brothers play and now I know why they love them so much!


And, although I don’t plan to subscribe each month to the game pass I’ll definitely do it for a month or two to play exclusives like Halo Infinite, Forza Horizons 5, or other games that catch my eye! Also, the pass was great to find one of my most favorite games of 2021, Destiny 2. I enjoyed it so much that after my subscription ended I bought it for myself so I could play it any time I wanted.


To close, the Xbox Game Ultimate Pass is a great service for any Xbox Series S/X owner or PC player. 

However be mindful that when the subscription ends you’ll need to renew it, and, any game you install from the pass must be played while connected to the internet.


And please, don’t purchase it to play it exclusively with the Xcloud since even with a good connection you might get some hiccups.


Have you tried the Xbox Ultimate Pass yourself? If so, let me know if you think it was worth it! As for me, I’m currently seeing what the Xbox Series S has to offer without it and I’m getting more and more excited about this beautiful white box!

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