How to complete a gaming backlog

This year, I made a decision that I was dreading – to tackle my gaming backlog head-on. Slowly but surely, I am seeing games being completed, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! In this blog post, I want to share with you the personal steps I took to conquer my gaming backlog. By following these simple strategies, you too can make significant progress and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your backlog get nuked. Without further ado here’s how to complete a gaming backlog step-by-step:

1. Focus on a gaming platform at a time

With an overwhelming number of games across various platforms, I knew I had to focus my efforts. I carefully selected one platform that had captured my heart and mind over the years – the Nintendo Switch. 

It was the platform I had invested countless hours and hard-earned money into, making it the perfect starting point for my gaming backlog journey.

2. Make a list

To truly understand the scope of my backlog, I needed to create a list. I turned to tools like Azure Boards to organize my games and added estimated completion times for each one. Seeing the numbers stack up – a whopping 456 hours for my Nintendo Switch backlog – was daunting.

 Bu,t I reminded myself that this journey was not a race; it was about enjoying the process.

3. Buy fewer games

Resisting the allure of new game releases proved to be a challenge, but I knew it was crucial to make selective choices. While there were a few games I couldn’t resist, I made a conscious effort to put others on hold. 

I thought back to my childhood when I could only dream of buying games and had to play the ones I had for months. It reminded me of the joy that comes from fully exploring the games already in my possession.

4. Establish a schedule

I firmly believe that consistency is key when it comes to conquering a backlog. Despite having limited free time, I dedicated 30 minutes to an hour each day before bedtime to play a game from my backlog. 

It might not seem like much, but the steady progress I made gave me hope. Slowly but surely, I began witnessing my backlog shrinking.

5. Have fun above all

In the end, gaming should be about having fun. If a particular game didn’t resonate with me, I allowed myself the freedom to set it aside and explore other options. Recently, I tried playing Death Stranding but quickly realized it wasn’t for me. 

And that’s okay. The ultimate goal is to enjoy the gaming experience and not be too hard on me if things don’t go exactly according to plan.


The process may seem simple, but once you reach the fourth step you’ll see how difficult it is. Choosing a platform to start, then making a list, and dedicating yourself to buying fewer games is doable but unless you’re a very methodic person it might be difficult to keep the consistency required to complete a gaming backlog effectively. Hence why having fun in this process is crucial to keep encouraged! 

Good luck, and I hope you find success in your journey!

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