Why use GB Studio? Thoughts of a low-coder

Last year, when I acquired a GB Operator, I began exploring how to create my own Game Boy game and utilize the device’s ROM Injection feature. After conducting some research, I discovered GB Studio and was immediately captivated. But why use GB Studio? Allow me to explain why you should consider it for making your first Game Boy Game.


Low-code for a living

First, a bit of background. I work as a quasi-senior Outsystems Developer. For those unfamiliar, Outsystems is a powerful low-code platform predominantly used by major companies in the Banking, Insurance, and Economics sectors. Unfortunately, as great as Outsystems is, it is not designed for game development.

Fortunately for me, GB Studio also operates as a low-code platform. This means that the programming basics I have acquired over the years seamlessly carry over, resulting in an intuitive experience while navigating the platform.

The low-code approach is fantastic as it makes game design accessible to individuals with an interest in the field, regardless of their technical skill level.

Make your perfect retro Game Boy Game

To clarify, GB Studio is exclusively designed for building Game Boy games. For me, this is particularly exciting, considering my fondness for the Game Boy and its classic titles like Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, and Super Mario Land.

This platform provides an excellent opportunity to explore various game genres and create homages to these beloved classics.

Engage in an active community

However, despite the initial intuitive experience, I encountered a hurdle when I started delving into GBVM, despite having access to extensive documentation. Thankfully, the active and supportive community of GB Studio swiftly resolved my issue.

The platform boasts a large and growing community of users who are always willing to assist and share resources. This community provides an excellent environment for aspiring developers, such as myself, to learn and enhance their skills.

Can you make a profit?

Lastly, if you aspire to profit from your projects, GB Studio offers a variety of export options, enabling developers to publish their games on multiple platforms.

While is likely the most popular choice, there are methods to convert the .web format into a standalone executable, allowing for potential sales on Steam. This versatility makes GB Studio an ideal platform for developers aiming to reach a wide audience with their games.


In conclusion, becoming a GB Studio developer presents an excellent opportunity to explore game development, connect with a supportive community, create retro-style games, and reach a broader audience while striving to generate profits. Just be aware that as a low-code platform, there are limitations to what you can do.

But, if you possess an interest in game development and a passion for retro-style games, GB Studio may be the perfect platform for you. Just remember not to follow my lead and ensure you finish your projects before embarking on new ones!

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