Crash Fever – Another Puzzle Game?

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After seeing so many ads on Facebook and Instagram I finally decided to head to the Play Store and give this game a try. I wasn’t expecting much from Crash Fever since it is a mobile game and we all know that mobile games are filled with microtransactions, right? Well, I’ve been playing this game casually for the last two weeks and I have not spent a single cent. They give you so much free stuff! Combined with the addicting gameplay and its energetic music you’ll find it hard to turn it off. But what is this game about anyway?


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Crash Fever is at its core a puzzle game but it’s not just that, it’s also a hero collector game. It’s a lot like Puzzle & Dragons, but instead of collecting dragons you collect anime-like characters. You can form a party of up to four units and take them on quests. Each quest has different stages but they all play out the same. Usually, you’ll have to battle against enemy units with your own until you reach a boss. After you beat the boss you win the stage and you can go to the next one. But how do you make your units attack? 

To do so all you need to do is burst any orb on the field. However, if you burst orbs that match your character color you will do bonus damage. But keep in mind that there are some rock-paper-scissors mechanics. Fire beats grass, grass beats electricity, electricity beats water and water beats fire. Keep these things in mind and everything will be a breeze! 

At the end of each stage, you are rewarded with bits, units, material to level your units and exp to raise your rank. Units do not level up by completing quests, you need to feed them material units and spend bits to do so.

Crash Fever Battle 2
Besides the regular quests there also event quests where you can get limited time units and ranks quests which I have no idea what they are since I need to be at rank 30 to play them. Also, there a ton of missions that you can do to earn Polygons, the currency you purchase with real money. With them, you can buy a lot of powerful Units.

I really enjoy this kind of gameplay because it really reminds me of Puzzle & Dragons, however, there is one thing in this game that makes it stand out. The fact that you can complete stages with other people. You can actually create a room where people join in and each controls a different character. This is without a doubt the best selling point of this game.

Crash Fever online


One other thing that I need to say is that this game is beautiful. It’s probably because of the white background that makes all of the other colors look so vivid. But despite this, there are two things that I don’t like much in this game. One is the Units design, they all feel a bit bland to me. But that is just my opinion! You might like them. Also, the game can only be played online! This is a bit of a turn-off but since I like to play this when I’m riding a bus or taking the subway. But still, it was worth my time and it was not a mistake to fall for those ads and play this game. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you like puzzle games with a different twist this game is just for you!

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