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So, I’ve had Pokémon Sun since its release and I just realized something, I’m still missing two stamps on my Trainer Passport. This bugs me, a lot… I knew that to get one of them I had to beat the Super Multi Battle. But the last one? I had no idea how to get it! I did a little research and found out that to get it I had to take some pictures using the Poke Finder. Seems easy right? Yes, it is easy. However, it’s a slow and grindy process since you’re required to get 1,500,000 points from the photos you take. Just to put things in perspective, my highest ranking photo had 14,000 points and the average photo earned me roughly 6000 points. So, how long did it take me to get the stamp and how did I do it?

Poke Finder Growlithe

Completing the Task!

Before that though, there are a couple things that you must know in order to get the most points out of your photos:

1. Make sure the Pokémon is facing you
2. Photograph them when they are doing a pose
3. Always use the max zoom.

Now, all you need to do is find the best spot to photograph, and by this I mean you must find the spot that will earn you the most points. I found two locations that everyone should go to if they want to complete this task, Poni Coast and Mount Lanakila.

At Poni Coast, there is a spot where you can find Fearow and Bewear. Fearow can earn you 6000+ points and Bewear 10,000 if you photograph it while it’s doing a pose. Although this is a solid place to earn points it was not my favorite spot. 

Poni Coast Bewear

My favorite spot is at Mount Lanakila where you can find a Pokémon that can earn you 12,000-13,000 points. And that Pokémon is Absol. Photographing Absol is the fastest way to reach the 1,500,000 mark. However, it only appears at daytime and he’s not guaranteed to show up. Although for me he showed up quite often.

Mount Lanakila Absol

Other than Absol there is also Vanilish and Vanillite. Vanilish is great, you can always get 6000+ points quite easily since he faces you quite frequently unlike Fearow, making it a better alternative. Vanillite, on the other hand, is terrible because most of the time he only shows its back, making it impossible to earn decent points. 

Every time I encountered it I would fly to Poni Coast and after a while would go back to Mount Lanakila to get a couple more shots of Absol and VanillishAnd that’s all I did. How long did it take me though? 

Around 5 hours or so. As you can see it’s not that time-consuming. All you have to do is take several pictures each day and in a week or so you will have the Poke Finder stamp! All that is left for me now is that Super Multi Battle Stamp, wish me luck!

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