Is it worth buying Fortnite’s Battle Pass

Worth Buying Fortnite's Battle Pass


Have you started playing Fortnite recently? And if so, have you been wondering if it’s worth buying Fortnite’s Battle Pass? Here I will try to help you understand what a Battle Pass is, since the term might be new to you, and then I will show you how worth its purchase is.

It’s common these days for Free-to-Play games like Paladins or even Rocket League to adopt a Battle Pass system, something that was popularized by Fortnite, but what is a Battle Pass?

Worth Buying Fortnite's Battle Pass
It’s essentially a system of unlockable tiers in which you get access to premium items. In Fortnite these items include Skins, Emotes, ToysSprays, Exp. Boosts and even V-Bucks. Adding to all this you’ll get access to exclusive weekly challenges that upon completion will earn you additional Exp. and Battle Stars (item needed to level up the Battle Pass). How much does the Battle Pass cost though?

Worth Buying Fortnite's Battle Pass
Season’s 6 Battle Pass costs 950 V-Bucks that must be purchased from the shop and since you can’t buy exactly 950 V-Bucks you’ll have to purchase 1000 for 9,99€. Also, if you reach the end of the Battle Pass and save all the V-Bucks you get you’ll have enough to purchase the next season’s pass so this is really just a one time purchase.

Worth Buying Fortnite's Battle Pass
So, is it worth buying Fortnite’s Battle Pass? Honestly, I think it is, and it’s not just because of all the premium content you unlock, personally, it’s because it gives you a new reason to play. When I started playing Fortnite without the Battle Pass I got bored in a couple of days since I was doing the same things over and over again. But then I purchased the pass and got access to all these new quests that made me way more engaged that I’d ever been. I really needed more goals other than just playing to get a Battle Royale win and the Battle Pass was the answer.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I still have some last week’s challenges to complete!
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