Is Overwatch 2 worth playing? Evaluating Cut Content, Pricing Concerns, and Blizzard’s Moral Conduct

Is Overwatch 2 worth playing? The highly anticipated sequel to the popular team-based shooter has faced significant setbacks, including the removal of promised single-player content and pricing concerns for the new story missions. 


Additionally, Blizzard’s well-known issues with sexual harassment allegations have cast a shadow over the company. 


Despite all this, I decided to finally give it a chance, and In this blog post, I will do my best to answer this question.


First, let’s dive into the negative points:


1. Cut Content: Hero Mode’s Removal

Hero Mode, a single-player version of Overwatch with talent tree upgrades, was an exciting prospect for players. 


Unfortunately, Blizzard’s decision to remove this feature has left many disappointed. The absence of Hero Mode may impact the overall depth and replayability of the game’s PvE experience.


2. Pricing Concerns for Story Missions

Overwatch 2 will introduce paid story missions as part of its single-player content. However, the community has expressed anger and frustration over the announced pricing structure. 


Whether we’ll have to pay for the story missions more than once is still not known.


And, the perceived lack of value for the cost of these missions raises concerns about the overall worth of investing in this aspect of the game.


 3. Blizzard’s Reputation and Challenges


Blizzard has been plagued by serious sexual harassment allegations and workplace misconduct, which have led to a loss of trust in the gaming industry and consequently their player-base. 


The company’s tarnished reputation creates a challenging environment for Overwatch 2, as players may question whether supporting a company with such issues aligns with their values.


Assessing the Worth of Overwatch 2:

Considering the cut content, pricing concerns, and Blizzard’s challenges, the question remains: Is Overwatch 2 worth playing?


1. Multiplayer Experience and Core Gameplay: Overwatch 2’s multiplayer experience remains one of its strongest aspects. 

If you enjoy engaging in fast-paced team-based battles and the thrill of competitive gameplay, the core experience can still provide entertainment and enjoyment.

2. Storytelling and Solo Content: Despite the removal of Hero Mode, the paid story missions offer the potential for immersive storytelling and solo gameplay. 
If you value the narrative aspect of the game and are willing to invest in the additional content, these missions can provide a satisfying experience.

3. Personal Values and Trust: The decision to play Overwatch 2 ultimately depends on your personal values and level of trust in Blizzard. 

If the company’s challenges and reputation significantly impact your view of the game, it may be difficult to justify supporting it.




The decision to play Overwatch 2 is subjective and influenced by individual preferences and values. 


While the removal of Hero Mode and pricing concerns for story missions are drawbacks, the game’s multiplayer experience and potential for engaging storytelling can still attract players. 


However, it’s crucial to consider Blizzard’s ongoing challenges and reputation before deciding. 


Assessing the worth of Overwatch 2 requires a careful evaluation of these factors to ensure a satisfying gaming experience aligned with personal values.

(personal opinion incoming)


And as for me? Coming into this I was ready to hate on this game but to be completely honest, I’m having a blast with Overwatch 2, it’s a really fun (sometimes nerve-wracking) game. 


It’s completely Free-To-Play meaning I don’t have to spend a single cent on it. However, I might have to experience the story missions fo myself and evaluate their worth.


But at the end of the day I’ll just keep grinding the PVP aspect of the game


Is it worth playing Overwatch 2 from your perspective? Let me know!

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