Best 5 Nintendo Switch Exclusive Competitive Games

The Nintendo Switch, a beloved console loved by gamers of all ages, offers an amazing collection of exclusive competitive games that will keep you hooked. And, today, I’ve put together a list of five awesome games that I’ve personally enjoyed. These games have an active online player base, include a ranking system (except for one), and are accessible to beginners. Just a heads up, though – games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe were left out because of their heavy random elements. So, without further ado, here are the Best 5 Nintendo SwitchmExclusive Competitive Games.

1.Tetris 99: The Classic Game with a Thrilling Twist

Tetris 99 takes the timeless puzzle game to new heights. With addictive gameplay and tight gameplay, this competitive title keeps you coming back for more, even if you’re not the best at it (like me). 

Engage in intense battles against 98 other players in a thrilling battle royale-style setup. Challenge yourself and experience the rush of stacking those blocks to victory!


2. Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Unleash Your Inner Fighter

Super Smash Bros Ultimate, boasting a massive player base, brings together a diverse roster of characters from various Nintendo franchises. Although the internet connection could be improved, it never stopped me for coming back for more! 
And, if you’re a beginner you’ll be ready to fight online in no time since the controls are simple to understand. Step into the arena, and engage in fast-paced battles with friends or rivals, enjoying the adrenaline rush that comes with every match!



3. Pokken Tournament DX: The Perfect Blend of Pokemon and Fighting 

For fans of both Pokemon and fighting games, Pokken Tournament DX is an absolute must-play. With its robust features, including a diverse roster of Pokemon, healthy online play, and a well-designed ranking system, it ticks all the boxes for a competitive gaming experience. 
Test your skills and unleash powerful moves as you strive to become the ultimate Pokemon champion. You can also check this link for a in-depth review.



4. Splatoon 3: Dive into Ink-Splattering Fun 


Splatoon 3 takes the ink-splattering mayhem to new heights, building on the success of its predecessor. The main appeal to me in this game is the thrilling and engaging movement mechanics paired with a wide variety of weapons to choose from! 
While some weapons dominate the meta, the healthy online mode and forgiving ranking system ensure an engaging and competitive experience.


5. Pokemon Scarlet/Violet: Your Gateway to Competitive Pokemon Battles 

With quality-of-life additions and changes, building a competitive team has never been easier in a Pokemon game. However, the requirement of 50 tera shards every time you want to change your Pokemon’s tera type and the inclusion of legendary Pokemon from other games might be off-putting. 
Still, you can always use other people’s battle tested Rental Teams and jump straight into the action. I really hope future updates address these concerns for an even better competitive format.




Nintendo Switch offers a treasure trove of competitive exclusive games, catering to a wide range of gaming preferences. Whether you’re captivated by the addictive gameplay of Tetris 99, drawn to the crossover battles of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, or enticed by the world of Pokemon in Pokken Tournament DX, there’s no shortage of excitement.
Additionally, Splatoon 3 and Pokemon Scarlet/Violet bring fresh and engaging experiences to the competitive gaming scene. So, grab your Nintendo Switch and unleash your gaming skills in the Best 5 Nintendo Switch Exclusive Competitive games!
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